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Champions League: Real Madrid declare their eternal love for the Champions League for the fourteenth time in Paris. champions league 2021

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Liverpool 0 Real Madrid 1

Beat Liverpool in the 60th minute with a lone goal from Vinicius and St Denis’ hero avoids Courtois

Vinicius, in goal action against Liverpool.Christophe AnnaAP

Jay Taime, Madrid. Jay Taime, Real. That’s how they call him when he walks away from the walls of the Barnabu like a Spanish third lost in time. Je t’aime whispers this Paris like a lover trapped in contrasts, who errs like a first timer and scores a final, while simultaneously showing the team the silhouette of his royal nude which is an empire in itself. . Paris appears throughout its history as photo albums of couples in love, from 1956 to 2022, in black and white, and in colour. The fourteenth does not stop it, never, because this passion is longer than a life. This is an eternal love: the European Cup, the Champions League. mbpp He has decided not to fall into its pages, loyal to Paris in which he was born and loyal to Paris, who pays with the gunpowder of the rich, but is unfaithful to Paris with his successes. Loves and feels any greatness. and his mistakes. It’s like Madrid made its mark by a bunch of lucky footballers Benzema, Vinicius or Courtois from Di Stefano and Puscus, nominated for St. Denis as the banner of the third. It is universal. To love it. [0-1: Narracin y estadsticas]

His men sang it as Stade France in Notre Dame, all without delay, and he sings it in Sibels, two goddesses, whether Christian or pagan. No problem. Football is a religion that does not need altars or slavery, and Madrid is its greatest act of faith, beyond which reason is defeated. It is the Champions League test, on his way and his way to win it in the final against Liverpool dominance of the game, until he is subjected to Courtois like a mast, until he finds a trace of blood, Whom Vinicius chased, half cheetah, half hyena.

To win, not to play, they Carlo AncelottiBe the only coach with four champions. Madrid are so confident that their opportunity will appear that they did not want to exchange strikes. A tactic that seeks to avoid risk, as it closes the blank for the opponent, but also generates other evils resulting from delivering the ball. their’s jurgen kloppo They like the stampede, but there was no prairie. Doesn’t give so much importance to the conditions of the positional attack Luis Daz or ManuWho is positioned like a whip, but Liverpool certainly have the quality to pose a threat in any situation.

Kirsty WigglesworthAP

Where they could not run, the English team touched the ball in the field, triangular, vertical, or winged. Alexander-Arnold did it very finely to the salah from the right, as if a needle had been threaded through. Madrid’s goalkeeper puts his hand on the ground. At two meters high, that rapid descent is like a bomber landing on an aircraft carrier. Man, on the other hand, takes a shot from the line and Courtois again flies down to touch the ball. Wood avoided the rest. If in that section he prevented Liverpool from advancing, in consequence he prevented them from equalizing against Egypt, with his arm and his leg. Salah will see him in his nightmares. Madridist, in his dreams.

Occasions were, therefore, a product of decorum, with no need to be frantic with a dominating Liverpool. Madrid tried to counteract this by unfair means. First, with the long balls of Courtois, who always found the legions of the winners of the English team, they were Van Dijk or Konato, then, without cohesion under pressure, which made it easier thiago maneuver easily. After being suspected of injury, the Spanish midfielder withdrew from the starting group in practice. In the end, he was at eleven.

valverde muscle

Little prominence in the first half of Madrid’s midfielders favored Thiago, who could turn himself with his head held high, like a merry-go-round. At the same time looking in the mirror is behind you, for your own good. Madrid asked for more Modric but Madrid had something else. Ancelotti had decided faith valverde To put on more muscles. I completely agreed. Of casemiro Not as loose or sharp as usual.

The long game is the game that reaches the moments when it plays best. Anubhav said so, his champions said so, but he at least had to scare his opponent to change the dynamic. Vinicius was able to do this in conjunction with Benzema at first, but HENDERSON He was quick on the cut. On the other, at the whistle of the brakes, he got it. Appreciation He launched Benzema from a soft balloon laden with cyanide. The Frenchman maneuvered into the field looking for a teammate to come by, but the ball was cut. Valverde arrived at the same time as the defenders and the ball returned to Benzema, ahead of the goalkeeper, after several rebounds. I reached the net, but the alley had raised the flag. VAR made a tense wait of minutes. was the last knock fabinhoBut, despite this, it was confirmed at offside.

However, Uruguay were going to find a cleaner exit, after the second half started not too differently, with Liverpool taking over and dominating again. If Madrid wanted to threaten, they had to take advantage of the fatigue that their opponents, heavily punished during the season, could have accumulated after game time. Valverde, received in a counterattack from Casemiro, ate the right and crossed tensely into the opposite field, where Liverpool have an Achilles’ heel, the defensive weakness of the Alexander-Arnold, Players of two faces. Vinicius was waiting for the gift at an angle, as if in a cradle. This was the reverse logic of Madrid, which used Camavinga and Ceballos To anger Liverpool’s heroic, they seduced the Champions League again, their love always mutual, eternal.

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