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Champions: Koke’s answer to Guardiola and Simeone’s pride in his plan: “You have to value defense without shame” | champions league 2021

Man Utd 1. athletic 0

For the third game in a row in Europe, Luis Suárez, the writer of the brace against Alavés, was once again on the bench.

De Bruyne takes a free kick against Atletico.Peter PowellEFE

The first thing Simeone did as soon as he sat in the Etihad press room was to apologise. He apologized for his broken voice, trying to fix his team’s movements with his throat after a 90-minute fight. Against a city that didn’t offer respite, constantly trying to solve the problems faced by their players. They are probably the best team in the world. But we will fight with humility. how far? As far as it goes, the Argentine kept up with that thread of voice, contented with a certain way of being able to appear within a week with options to be able to attack in the semi-finals. At least that’s what the first leg of 1-0 says.

Apart from a wasted blank shot by Llorente, Atlético did not shoot on goal during their demanding first attack on the wildest part of Manchester city, where football usually spreads with the same intensity as rain. Nevertheless, Manchester City, the undisputed dominance of the night, only fired twice. One, that’s right, went in. They are very good at it, they have been together for many years. I didn’t expect to win 3-0 or 4-0. I know the team we are up against, I know they have a lot of patience and we didn’t want to give too many chances, to put it in short. pep guardiolawho had already experienced a red and white sting in 2016.

Guardiola also mentioned that 5-5 system in Atlético: “In prehistory, it is very difficult to attack 5-5 today and in 100,000 years”. a statement to which, before boarding the plane back to Madrid, he replied coke, the red-and-white captain, via his Instagram account: “In love with your story from prehistory.” Next to the Atlético shield was a message and a message: “Proud to be from Atlético.” It is clear that the fuse of the other Round It is already on.

Therefore Griezmann And joao flicks He had to play a strange role on the grass. He dressed as a left winger and a right winger respectively to stop the offensive flow of the city. A 70% right, however, would hardly translate on occasion. They were an essential part of the shield designed by Simeon. “If you value coral attack, you also have to value strong and brazen defence,” claimed the Argentine coach, adding to the offensive flow of Guardiola, a team that has scored 70 goals in premierships and 24 in champions .

Mourinho’s memory

In front of Oblak there was a debate about the wall that Simeon had put up to get the Etihad out alive. An approach that kept the city at bay for more than an hour. In 2014, of Chelsea morinhoVicente Caldern, already in the semi-finals, fought a similar tactical battle against him which ended goalless. Everything will be resolved at Stamford Bridge in favor of Rosiblancos. This time the match will be decided in Madrid. I hope there will be humility and understanding what the way, the Argentine coach tried to save the last thread of the voice.

who had returned to watch the game from the bench louis suarez, For the third night in a row in the Champions League, against teams from Manchester, Uruguay, the trio, who had just signed a double against Alavés, did not step on the grass to lend a hand to their teammates. Another chapter for a season of unknown colors for Uruguay. Although Simeone did not finish the changes, the 35-year-old striker returned to the locker room without stains on his shoes.

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