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Champions: Interview with Rully: “Being a Father Changes Everything” | champions league 2021

Bayern Munich-Villarreal

Villarreal’s goalkeeper was instrumental in winning the Europa League title and now looks to repeat his notoriety in Tuesday’s match in Munich.

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  • He is going Villarreal reduce Bayern and dream of semi-finals
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A good chunk of their chances of reaching the Champions League semi-finals for the second time in Villarreal’s history will be in their gloves. gyro ruly (La Plata, Argentina, 1992), which is already part of the history of the Castellón club with that stop David De Gea In a penalty shootout against Manchester who deserved the Europa League title. He will be the team’s last shield Unai Emery Before Bayern’s projected avalanche this Tuesday at the Allianz Arena Stadium.

How do you stop Bayern Munich?
The way we played on the second day, it is slow in doubles with a lot of intensity and aggression. You have to use yourself 110% individually and in the group so that their personality doesn’t matter. It’s a matter of work. Collectively we were the best in the last game, beyond what we could have done individually. It would be one of the most important matches in the club’s history. We go with great desire and faith and above all, with great humility.
Before starting the tie, did you expect to go to Munich with a score like this?
We always rely on what we do, if it didn’t, we wouldn’t present ourselves. We know that by working hard we can compete against anyone at the highest level and we showed it last Wednesday. We knew it was going to be a tough match but we believed in our chances and our options.
Do you expect the same match as in the first leg?
I have a feeling it will be different. They are going to come out and put more pressure, maybe they will put more people in the attack, but we have to be wise and handle the moments of the match.
Knowing how obsessed Emery is, how many Bayern videos have you watched?
Last week we saw a lot, which gives you guidelines and we know how they can attack and harm us. Later it is up to each one to see what they can do and see what we are capable of. We have a chance to make history. There is no greater inspiration than this.
With Emery they are being unmistakable in the qualifying round.
This is how we prepare for all matches, not just qualifiers. It is true that these two seasons we are competing very well in the European qualifiers, but it is a product of the work that the coaching staff puts into it, which in this sense is way off the hat. We believe what the coaches say and everything is very easy from there.
They beat Juventus and Bayern… Can Villarreal win the Champions League?
It is too early to tell. Today we are preparing to compete with any opponent in equal measure. Let’s aspire to the maximum. At the individual and group level, winning the Champions League with Villarreal will be a unique moment that will last a lifetime.
Rulli, with the ball, into the first leg.EFE

This season he is a starter in the league and the Champions League, having starred in the final of the Europa League. Are you in the best moment of your career?
definitely. I feel very complete. I feel good physically and mentally, anxious, hungry and with the necessary humility to face any challenge that comes my way.
Have you seen Gdansk penalty shootout many times?
Not a full shootout because it still annoys me a bit, not being able to save more penalties. But I know that the last sentence. It is an image that will not be erased from my head, it is an indescribable feeling. Every time I remember it, I go to bed and this is something I would like to reiterate.
In addition, he scored a penalty for the first time in his career.
He had never done this in an official match. At that time all I wanted was for him to come in and hit him with my soul.
Where do you keep those gloves?
This is something I am sorry for. At that moment of uproar he gave them to the gallery. Thinking about it, I would have kept them as a good memory. But I have the ball, the shirt, a piece of net, whether you want it or not is important.
Does being a father change a footballer’s life a lot?
That’s what changes you. He was born last October. That’s why I say that I feel in the most complete moment. Maybe I was missing that, being a son in which I could reflect on you a bit and who wanted to play. This is the greatest. Football was the most important thing for me and when my game was bad I brought it home and now everything has changed completely. I think it’s good for me not to think about football 24 hours a day. When he was born it was the most beautiful moment of my life. Hopefully tomorrow he will be able to watch all those videos and feel proud of his father.

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