Champions: Intentional applause from Simeone and darts to Pep Guardiola: “We’re not that stupid, even if we don’t have that much dictionary”. champions league 2021

 Champions: Intentional applause from Simeone and darts to Pep Guardiola:

Atletico 0 vs Manchester City 0

Both the players and the Atletico coach paused for a few minutes after the final whistle, thanking the public for their support.

Diego Pablo Simeone applauds during the match.AFP

For a few minutes, Atl├ętico football players remained on the field, thanking the public for their dedication. That stand had recognized him. There were some long and emotional minutes in which Griezmann, covered with feathers, he managed to escape a few tears as he felt an intense night of farewell to Europe. I didn’t run to the locker room Diego Pablo SimeonWho kept applauding on the stands that did not stop. As if defeat was not like this. Perhaps there is no need to return to the stadium to enjoy a magical night. There is no better example than the metropolis. Sober, yes, embarrassing scene on the way to the locker room.

However, they were not the first applause for Cholo during the night. The Argentine coach started on two occasions, during the second half, the game exploded. On the first occasion, there was nothing to suggest that they were not destined for their fans, who didn’t stop pushing in search of expansion. In the second, already in the ninth minute of extra time, he focused his gaze, with a smile, towards the Manchester City bench, which closed the night amid the loss of time and the interruption of play, his palms. was more suspicious. It was clear that they were intended for pep guardiola, It was the epilogue of a tie marked by two conflicting styles of watching football, which, curiously, ended with an unexpected exchange of roles.

“Finally, when you talk too much, you end up getting dressed. In no place did I appreciate the second bench, I applauded my audience. I think something strong to notice on the pitch It was important to appreciate it,” Simeone justified his suspicious applause in the meeting room just moments after Pep appeared in front of Guardiola. The Spanish technician re-explained that statement, where he referred to the word prehistory, which lit the fuse on the Madrid side. “I have never criticized Atletico’s game. I have nothing to say about Atletico’s behavior. I have a lot of respect for them and they have a lot of merit. Don’t look for me, don’t find me in the fight. Styles. Cholo can play as he wants”, the Spanish coach had earlier defended himself.

“Football has many facets”

The fight between Atl├ętico and City has led to an indirect duel between Simeone and Guardiola. From the Etihad’s (or your sports city’s) press room to the Wanda Metropolitano. “I don’t need to give an opinion and assume that one speaks bad or good. Many times those who have a great dictionary are able to praise you with contempt. We are not so stupid Even if we don’t have that much dictionary.” Cholo made the shot after being at the door of his fourth Champions League semi-final.

It was a final script that no one would have guessed. An unruly with City embedded by Atletico. There will be no new Madrid derby in the Champions League, despite the fact that, with 45 minutes to go, Rosiblancos showed the world (and himself too) that they could see the British team without complexes.

“I believe there are so many aspects to football. I’m not going to comment on how the opponent behaves. We will live with it. Playing possibly the best team in the world and feeling that we Were able to compete very well. ‘Don’t leave me alone or happy, because we didn’t win and I feel bad, but I know the peace of mind that when my old man goes to bed, Louis AragonsThose who went into the pandemic saw that one of his teams competed very well”, was Simeone’s final reflection. This time, unlike in 2016, it was Guardiola who came out spotless.

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