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Champions: Guardiola’s City overwhelms PSG with the trident and leaves them without first place in the group | Champions League 2021

 Champions: Guardiola's City overwhelms PSG with the trident and leaves them without first place in the group |  Champions League 2021

Sterling and Gabriel Jesus come back from Mbappé’s goal in a great game for the English at the Etihad (2-1).

Messi laments at the Etihad.PAUL ELLISAFP
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Soccer is not dominated by soloists, but by teams.

Messi, Neymar and Mbappe They must set up one of the best attacks in the world. Or from history. Hyperbole, you know, is part of the show. But while the three of them hardly care to link a great play that justifies their legend, and making the cachazudo walk a worrying routine, their companions observe with distrust a picture that is not theirs.

Manchester City beat the Parisians at the Etihad. Trace Mbappé’s goal did not even mean too much effort. The victory also confirms the first place in the group for those of Guardiola. PSG, meanwhile, goes to the second round as second in the group. And with the doubts of those who see themselves with the entire collection of stickers, but without a numbered album where to place them.

It should not be easy to tactically manage a team with Messi, Neymar and Mbappé as kings of the mambo. The troika he tries to avoid any defensive responsibility and limits his efforts to the decisive episodes. Although it may be difficult to understand, even more so in a scenario of harassment and demolition like the one that City raised in their stadium.

Key absences

The locals must have thought that the same thing would not happen to them as in the Park of the Princes, when their dominance only led to the despair of the scoreboard (2-0). From the very dawn the team skyblue he went for Keylor Navas. The scarce presence of PSG in the center of the field contributed to this, with Ander Herrera and Gueye running desperate without being able to limit the advances he ordered Rodri and again. Herrera and Gueye, of course, busted.

Guardiola did not even seem to penalize key absences such as that of Kevin de Bruyne, its main generator in attack, Foden, who should be the one who would act as a false ram instead of Bernardo silva, or Grealish, essential to create superiorities. So it was Mahrez, from the dexterous profile of the attack, who commanded a good part of the local attacks. And also who began to tighten the rope. A side foul of the Franco-Algerian was caught in the air by Stones. When the ball went in Kimpembe He managed to avoid the opening goal under the sticks. Right after it was Keylor Navas who intervened before the reply without angle of Mahrez.

The PSG showed no symptoms of breathing. And Mahrez was doing his thing. Although with such a bad leg that when he was already singing the goal he planted Achraf in front of Keylor to get the ball out with his head. The occasions followed one another without remedy. Gündogan he crashed a ball into the post, and again Mahrez, who else, discovered that good fortune that usually accompanies Keylor on great European nights. It was not a good day to claim ownership of Donnarumma, the best goalkeeper of the last European Championship.

Delicious Rodri

But PSG is so transparent in its proposal that it did not even miss the scourge with which it punished City the first time Neymar, Messi and Mbappé connected, already at the start of the second half. The Brazilian let the ball pass with grace; the Argentine, who had been advancing from the central zone, threw a good cross; and the Frenchman, after a timely defensive rebound, found the shot he had been waiting for. He only had to pass the ball under the legs of Ederson to overtake your team.

The City, instead of rubbing their eyes and regretting what happened, continued their business. And the seams of PSG have already been definitively opened. In a quarter of an hour he turned the scoreboard around. Not to the game, because it had been his from the first minute. Rodri had a lot to say in the tying goal, delicious in the pass to Walker that ended up causing the final auction of Sterling. The 2-1 caught him Gabriel Jesus thanks to a good drop from Bernardo Silva in the area.

Luis Enrique, in his first triumphant season with Barcelona, ​​he knew how to lead Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar to the European conquest in Berlin in 2015. Pochettino has work ahead of him if he wants to get ahead with a team split in two.

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