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Champions: Guardiola’s anger and perceived “fun” in his twelfth win against Real Madrid | champions league 2021

Champions: Guardiola's anger and perceived "fun" in his twelfth win against Real Madrid |  champions league 2021

M. City 4 – Real Madrid 3

Manchester City coach, who experienced his team’s mistakes with tension, denies any disappointment to the media

Pep Guardiola against Real Madrid.Peter PowellEFE

There is no professional in football who runs away from fear. you know him too pep guardiola, They can now remind him time and again that there is no coach who has tormented Real Madrid so much, that he will continue to suffer from the impossibility of perfection. They have won 12 of their 20 matches against the White team. He cares little. His rivals at the Etihad were on canvas. I shook him and hit him with a bit. I scored four goals for him. but he saw how Mahrez three others were wrong and how Benzema refused to surrender. Guardiola didn’t have to wonder how Madrid was still alive. He himself knows the answer. The weight of the story that Catalan coach referred to the day before he ruled the scene.

Guardiola, who tries to include himself as much as possible in his messages to the media in this match against Real Madrid, was cold after the match. He barely used words in response to what happened. Without smiling he denied any suffering: for me [el encuentro] It has been equally fun for the fans. He assured that his team played well despite the errors in the definition and rearguard. And he limited himself to congratulating his footballers: they are the ones who play. Sometimes they succeed and sometimes they fail.

The public message that contrasted with his furious reaction was when he saw his Manchester City take a 2-0 lead in 11 minutes, pretending to be sorry. He left behind his technical confidante, Juanma Lilo, And with his fists clenched and his nerves about to burst, he reprimanded Riyad Mahrez for not giving up the goal that Foden had scored in the 26th minute. The anger had more to do with his own embarrassment than the fault of another, the Algerian seeing how his alleyway was cut off before he decided to shoot himself. The ball is out. Foden had the same fate when De Bruyne left him alone with Courtois before half an hour. Guardiola could only shake his head, perhaps for fear that Benzema would not forgive him as soon as he could.

Because the match, despite the superiority shown by City in the longer stages, there were many contradictions in the face of missed opportunities and some blatant error in getting the ball out. ederson or at least Stonewho played barely 35 minutes before being replaced by the captain fernandinho,

Guardiola, who had spent a good portion of the course using Foden as a false batsman, knew how to take advantage of the good fortune of Foden’s playing. Gabriel Jesus After scoring four goals against Watford. Brazil responded extensively, leaving Alaba as evidence of the goal with which the game was opened, and for scoring more than one goal with his footwork. military and a wrong place cross,

However, and despite the defensive facilities provided by Real Madrid behind the German midfielder – in the absence of an emergency pivot casemiro-, for the team sky blue It lacked even more edgy. Especially given the lack of coercion from Madrid’s defenders. In fact Mahrez again took a 3-0 lead at the start of the second half. One occasion when even Foden didn’t know how to culminate, which met the opposition under sticks carvajal,

From the Stones to Fernandinho

Most worried Guardiola on the sidelines, whom the injured Walker could not defend, Manchester City plotted as many joys as sorrows. Midfielder Fernandinho, who will turn 37 next May, and who, as an involved captain, had to act as a lane, described it best. Fernandinho emerged like none against Vinicius’ defensive invisibility at 3-1. His cross in the field required Foden’s shot on goal.

But Fernandinho discovered the other side of happiness very quickly. Pep Guardiola went for the referee when he realized the throw-in belonged to his team. He was so angry that the referee of the match, Romanian Istvan Kovacs, I went to the band to show him the yellow card. The coach did not stop his protest, and stopped the scuffle only by patting the judge on the shoulder.

Guardiola must have cursed his divine prowess because that action, apparently episodic and residual, led to an immediate 3-2. Fernandinho, who knew no one was watching his back, tried to overtake him. vinicius, However, his compatriot overtook him easily and was able to make a clean drive towards the target.

An answer found in the hands of Bernardo Silva’s shoe at 4-2 La Porte and tribute panenka by Benzema. And Guardiola can’t even look at the figure that has put City’s attacks at 74, compared to Real Madrid’s 27. They are just numbers.

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