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Champions: Guardiola defends Atletico’s style: “They are more aggressive than people think”. champions league 2021

Manchester City – Athletic (m/21.00)

Manchester City coach praised Simeone’s work and his opponent’s game: “He has the ability to deny you what you are wrong”

Pep Guardiola during the press conference.EFE
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Manchester skies promise not to give up until the weekend. It’s normal in a city that just three weeks ago watched Atlético parade with energy. They did it at Old Trafford, at the opposite end where the Etihad Stadium is located. The rain, sometimes thin, sometimes thick, will be constant these days when the Rosiblancos play in the first round of the quarterfinals. No other thought passes through Simeon’s mind than to risk fate in front of his people in the Metropolitano. Ironically, the state which has not won any Champions League match this season. Although statistics are usually cannon fodder.

Around 12.00 the British, Pep Guardiola, who is in charge of Manchester City in his sixth season, appeared in the press room of the City Football Academy. He did this three hours before official team training. He did the same to come out in defense of Atletico’s style, which has nothing to do with himself. A staging was criticized by both Liverpool, from whose mouth jurgen kloppe, like, most recently, United. “I’m not going to spend a minute talking about that silly debate,” said the Spanish coach. “We all find a way to win. If he can do that, his will is right, and if I can, I’ll be right. I don’t know what it’s like to play ugly. I don’t want opponents.” Judge.”

Pep and Simeon have known each other for years. The Argentine coach has already visited Barcelona, ​​before instructing Atlético to see Guardiola’s method live, before making the leap from Argentina. He said he was not with her. “There’s a misconception of how Atletico plays. They are more aggressive than people think. They don’t take a lot of risk when it comes to getting the ball out, but when they come to our field, they have that quality.” Will show their players have it,” he defended. coach Citizen.

“I didn’t invent it”

The two technicians have met only once in Europe. He did it in 2016, when Guardiola directed Bayern. Amidst the sweat, having recovered from that formidable siege Munichtook cholos Tie. “Atletico are the league champions with the most number of champions in this competition in recent years. I love their consistency. They are a team that has twice defeated the dominance of the Spanish league, Barcelona and Real Madrid, in recent years.” He fought for it. This is a team that has the ability to deny you who you are.”

Words will become deeds on the pitch of the Etihad Stadium in England on Tuesday at around 8:00 pm. Manchester City, previous Champions League finalists and leaders of the Premier, although with only one point over Liverpool, will look to show their power against an opponent, Atletico, who left their depression behind. He will do it with the unmistakable stamp that Guardiola has given him over these six years. “I didn’t invent football. What I do has been done since the beginning of football. I’m a great coach, but I didn’t invent it. I’m a visionary when I win and when I lose.” So it is said that ‘What does he do man, think! I don’t score goals or save penalties. The game belongs to the players’.

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