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Champions: Guardiola, consumed by the Burnaboo volcano | champions league 2021

Champions: Guardiola, consumed by the Burnaboo volcano |  champions league 2021

Also Manchester City’s good tactical work was badly demolished and there was no sign of a reaction in extra time.

Guardiola, this Wednesday at Barnabu.Juanzo MartinEFE
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In the six minutes of extra time, the subtleties of a champion project had to be assessed. The exit from the volcano that engulfed PSG and Chelsea is more reaching than ever for the city. But the decision to lack Grealish in his two heads-ups with Courtois was a foreshadowing of devastation. All of Guardiola’s plans fell through in those six minutes that no one Madrid would ever forget. What was seen yesterday does not stand up to the analysis, nor is it in line with the reason with which Pep has tried to build the most stable team in Europe. The one who internalizes so much each movement, every rear out, every tactical weakness of the opponent, until he runs out of rectangle at random. But the inevitable, as Saintpedor Koch himself has admitted many times, suddenly arises in Barnabu. The half-hour extension until yesterday was left in an irreverent bustle, where emotional football continued to transcend.

He couldn’t resist the push of Camavinga, the banner in a night where it was more of a copy of Seedorf than ever. Something must have been motivated by the late appearance of the recalled Dutch midfielder, who arrived late to his seat before receiving a unanimous ovation from the preference stand. In that labyrinth of passion, Guardiola tries to rebuild his front line of attack with a sterling silver bullet and orders Laporte to play the dove. However, the only outburst of City’s character was the signing by Fernandinho. With full intent, the captain left a comment in Benzema’s ear before the penalty and that was the only opportunity City deserved in the final half-hour.

Guardiola goes to rest while Pit Orsato and ZInchenko or Foden lean on the grass. First with Fernandinho, then with Cancillo. Even hugging with alaba or cross. This grief was at the height of a defeat that no one paid any attention to. A terrible blow to the plans of Ferran Soriano and Tsikki Begiristen, who have to defend their precarious lead at home against a still-improved Newcastle this weekend. Recovering the team in a few days does not seem easy for Guardiola, as this blow does not take precedent. Not even in 2014, when he was fielded in Munich by the firepower of Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos. Barnabu’s jaw-dropping is still an unbearable cruelty. Especially when your team behaved for several minutes at the height that required it.

What better way to defuse the panic than to do strategic rigor. Bernardo Silva, like a loose end, swarmed through the interior regions, away from the range of the white radar. Based on possession, City wanted to lower Barnabu’s heart rate. The integrity of the rescue was maintained by the work and grace of Walker, who recovered from problems with his ankle at the last minute. It was difficult for Vinicius to accept the presence of the English international, who had recently abused Stones and Fernandinho’s sluggishness in Manchester. If Tuchel had disconnected the Brazilian who gave way to James in Christensen’s position, Guardiola might not even have needed those revolutionary touch-ups that the British press calls overthinking. Before the break, Walker had closed four of Vinicius’s attacks and had already made three tackles. By the way, his mere presence allows Cancello to move into the natural space of the Portuguese.

The city didn’t even bother to wait for the double twist of local change. Or to remember Walker, who took a serious blow after a controversial antidote against Vinicius. Rodrigo had barely stretched his muscles when Mahrez crowned a full transition, led by Bernardo Silva. Suddenly a curtain of snow and silence fell on the stadium. The almost immediate applause appealing to the essence of courage seemed of no use. Until the chaos, from which Guardiola so desperately wanted to avoid, captured Chamartin.

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