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Champions: Guardiola and Simeon, The Beauty and the Beast | champions league 2021

Champions: Guardiola and Simeon, The Beauty and the Beast |  champions league 2021

Manchester City – Athletic (M / 21.00)

The conflict between Citi and Atlético technicians for the genre does not prevent mutual respect. They share a passionate way of living football, a broader concept than the game, and immense dedication.

Guardiola, during training on Monday.EFE

Beauty and the Beast need each other as much to understand each other in the story. To guardiola already simone, pep and cholo, the style puts them in the antipode, but they combine a passion and dedication to football, a broader concept than the sport, which makes them a standout not only in the press room, but also in a contrast to other silent opponents. Inspires to respect others. of both the coaches. Each of the two coaches this Tuesday praises their opponent in aspects of the Champions League that they don’t know how to do or, more importantly, they don’t feel, and that is how good writers play teams. How are their coaches? Manchester City and Atletico.

Guardiola was a beardless footballer when Johan Cruyff told physical trainer angel vilda That all exercises were to be done with a ball. This is his discourse today. The Cerro del Espino veteran recalled one of Simeone’s cries in the first training session, which he led as Rosiblanco: “Fuck the ball!” It’s like starting to find yourself on top of the poles and tropics that the quarter-finals of the Champions League already represent. It’s not the first time they’ve met in that great tournament that two of their teams want for the first time, not Guardiola. Trust me it won’t be the last either.

learn from defense

It is possible that ‘Guardiolismo’, a derivative of ‘Crufismo’, is more dogmatic than Guardiola himself, something that often accompanies currents generated by leaders. The Catalan diaspora, and especially his leap to premiership, has made him more versatile and practical to adapt to the circumstances. He won’t be able to try what Simeon does with his teams, but he values ​​it. He had already done this when he was a footballer and believed he had shortcomings and should learn more about defensive work. It is no coincidence that he chose Italy, Brescia and later Roma after leaving Barca. He asked other coaches and was interested in the work of technicians like Jose Antonio Camachowhich he had as a coach, or fabio chapello, who directed him in his brief stint with the Romanista team. As a footballer for Cruyff, he faced the bloody end of the deformed Barca who succeeded in a double to ‘Dream Team’ at the hands of Atlético. Simeon was already in front, eat now, both at the age of 51.

Simeon, this Monday at the Etihad.EFE

Before measuring himself again this Tuesday, Guardiola was clear: «We all find a way to win. If he succeeds, his will will be right, and if I succeed, I will be successful. I don’t know what it’s like to play ugly.” If you know what he won’t, but vice versa jurgen kloppedoes not rate it.

Guardiola compared Atlético to a bee: “At some point, it’s going to sting you.” Yesterday, he insisted he had a “wrong concept” of the game and that “it’s a more aggressive team than people think.” During his time in Bayern, after the greatest siege, he was mortally stung by a bee in the Allianz, a metaphor for Cholo’s Thermopylae.

city ​​manager told George Valdano He had come from Argentina before arriving at Atlético at Camp Nou. After watching his training sessions, Simeon replied honestly to Catalan: “I don’t feel it.” It was not completely true.

pressure jealousy

Some of Coach Guardiola’s best moments are something in which Simeone sees himself reflecting, an element he feels like himself. This is the way to press the ball after losing it. Barca had it in the year of six titles to improve on the father’s work, the ‘dream team’. This city has it, although it has not yet served to dominate Europe.

He said, ‘The effort he has made to recover the ball is commendable. It’s nice to watch them play. What makes things happen for me is that players of that quality are always active and don’t miss any balls,” said Simone. There is something about beauty that she loves. It is mutual.

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