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Champions: Guadalupe Poros broke another wall: Diego Armando being an assistant at Maradona | Champions League 2022

Soldier and soccer player before being referee, will be an assistant at Naples-Liverpool on the first day of the group stage

Guadalupe Poros during the game.World

Extremadura referee Guadalupe Poros Ayuso (Badajoz, 1987) breaks down walls again and will make history by becoming the first Spanish assistant to be part of the Naples referee team against Liverpool this Wednesday, the match relating to the first day of the group stage. Champions League. The meeting will be directed by Madrid Charles of Big Hill Diego Armando at Maradona Stadium. Badajoz will be in one of the line bands and pau sebrin davis, of the Valencian Committee, in another. The fourth referee will be Cesaro soto degree, VAR team also Alejandro. is completely spanish with hernandez hernandez VARs and AS Javier Estrada Fernandez as AVAR (assistant referee).

Extremadura Collegiate added this milestone to other historic debuts in their professional career, such as being the first to debut in the First Division (Mallorca-Ibar, 2019-2020 season) to participate in the Copa del Rey final (Athletic). Spanish was helpful. Club de Bilbao and Real Sociedad from last season) or in a match for the men’s senior teams. Also last season, she became the first Spanish woman to serve as a lineman in an official international men’s match: specifically, lask-ludogorets of Europe League. Now comes the premiere in the top continental club competition after taking part in this summer Marta Huerta de Aza (32 years, Palencia), at the European Championship in England and the Under-20 World Cup in Costa Rica.

Senna by profession for nine years, until she was 28 years old, Guadalupe Poros became a professional collegiate 14 seasons before. At first, he combined his mediation in the Third Division (one season) and the Second Division with his primary education career. “All these years as a soldier have served to give me all the value I have. It is thanks to the burden of all those years,” he recalled a few days earlier, for a time when he While young, he combined three activities: player football (he came to play in the first division), refereeing and the military, but there came a time when he had to choose and he did not hesitate: he stayed with being a collegiate. .

When I was refereeing in the preferred category, I suddenly thought I should try as an assistant. He did it and stayed: I played football, it was extreme, very explosive, very fast, you could say I liked the band and the offside issue so I was very happy to make that decision that day”. Also in 2014 Reached the international badge in the wake of Extremaduran. Paloma Quinto Siles (17 season referee and now the local police in Don Benito).

against grabbing headlines

He’s also had a rough time in his career, as he confessed in an interview with EL Mundo in 2019: “The category I stood tallest was eight years in Second Division B, and there were a lot of complicated moments Because I had quite a few health problems and I even had surgery for a stomach problem. It was tough. But in the end, you live good and bad moments like everything in life. I want to continue learning the good and the bad. I leave the bad and go to serve me.” To move forward in this world.

In any case, Extreme has always been against monopolizing the spotlight for the fact that a woman breaks the glass ceiling in men’s soccer matches: “We’re here because we’re professionals and the fact that a woman has to referee should be appointed for elite matches,” he said in the run-up to the previous Copa del Rey final: “Hopefully the day will come when this doesn’t become news, when the fact of highlighting that a woman is single, Your work will be done.”

In this sense, she insists that “there is no need to distinguish between being a woman or being a man. I hope the time will come when we don’t see who is in the band, we are just that person.” judge what they do, which is work. I act like my colleagues, I’m here to do just like them, without distinction of gender or gender.” In this sense, he explains that “I have been treated as a person in the mediation, with the same examinations, the same marks… It is done”.

“It is important that the referee has a contract”

In parallel, Extremadura Collegiate has launched a new crusade to affirm the professionalism of collegiates: “If we want to have a professional league, it is important that referees have a contract. We are the only establishment that does not have it.” If we want to continue development, it is imperative that the referee has this contract”, he criticized from the Spanish Football Federation’s press room on Friday. According to statistics from this organization, the fees for a collegiate match in the First Women’s Division are 300 euros, 168 euros and 84 euros for the referee, line and fourth referee, to which 75 euros and 75 euros must be added for informers. Euro for arbitral body.

For this reason, he does not hesitate to criticize that “if you think someone can leave a job for 160 euros and ask for exclusivity, or in your company they would give you two or three days off during the week.” are two or three days off during the week to whistle for a match”, he complains.

In any case, she believes that her designations for these elite matches can serve as an inspiration to many girls starting out in the world of referees in the lower categories: can achieve anything they put their mind to, although it is a world (one of mediation) very difficult, but the goals can be achieved with a lot of work and a lot of sacrifice”, he explains.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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