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Champions: Griezmann knows how to do wonders in half an hour: Atletico knock Porto down in a crazy epilogue. Champions League 2022

After 11 minutes of extra time (2–1), the Frenchman scored the winning goal in the final game of the match. Hermoso put Rosiblancos ahead in remission time and imposed a penalty which was anecdotal.

Griezmann shows the shield on his shirt after the goal.Burnt ArmanguAP
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Dawn is dangerous because sometimes the sun, still pink, can dazzle. Others simply note its attractiveness. Those flashes become a kind of hypnotic spell. And at the start of the Champions League, which seemed destined for the same end as last year, Atlético found themselves with an unexpected script win (2-1) against Porto. Don’t be dazzled. Beau’s boot, which seemed fine, fell on his own hand again. By the time Griezmann arrived, the liberator, and in that half hour (which ended as an alarming 41 minutes) he had respectfully escaped from his prison to kiss his shield and put it in his pocket, again, he Metropolis where he was once a legend.

were shining joao flicks Who tried to illuminate the first steps of the path. After a heartfelt tribute to Paulo Futre, present in the stands and already overcome with his fears, it was another Portuguese dressed in red and white, deliberately trying to caress every ball that entered his radar and speed up the game. tried. The night made it clear that something more would be needed to break the solid slate. Sergio Consiao Keeps in Porto. an opponent who has lost the strength of vitinha and poison louis dazi, Both were part of the team that kept Metropolitan in suspense just a year ago. Even then, dragonswhere pepe He orders and drives as if he were 20 (he is 39) They haven’t lost the fire they usually carry inside.

That tactical duel between Simeone and his former teammate in Italy led to a shot on goal by Atletico throughout the first half. it was from coke, diego costaThe blue and white goalkeeper just had to hug him. Because with the speed of the local people, laurente, injury And Joao himself reached the vicinity of Real Lusa, but did not show the slightest hint of malice to the goalkeeper. In that first 11 Rosiblanco I came back from the beginning nahuel molina, which still lacks chemistry. None of his decisions were right. So Cholo among other things left her in the locker room at halftime.

It was Atletico who took the helm, but also who got the biggest fear. When the first act was dying, taremi He entered the area as if nothing had happened and came to find the edge of Oblak’s target, recovering in time for placement. Simone’s pulse quickened. Taremi lacked clarity and consistency, fortunately for a metropolis that was shattered.

oblak shine

Simeon shook the board after the break to bring in Lemar and de Paul and give the core gears a little more coconut. The response was immediate, but to no avail. Coke dropped out of class and celebrated a goal that went in vain, as the seed of the play de Paul was offside. Back to start and another suffocation: Oblak flies off to clear away Eustaquio’s grumpy shot.

And in them came the already famous minute 60 where Antoine Griezmann, as is customary, entered the metropolis. Pressure tactics against Bara don’t understand competitions. Everything is to avoid paying the famous 40 million. The fact that the Frenchman, with his silver hair, appeared just as Porto unleashed another whiplash. He had no doubt about what fate had in store for him. At the end of joao mario Oblak answered again.

Atlético, while the course was yet to straighten, began to feel Porto’s breath. Again the fear in the body as well. Simeone responded to the Portuguese team’s misadventure with two changes that Stand didn’t know how to digest. Hermoso sent to the bench injury, which didn’t do any auctions all night. And then joao flicks With a rumbling whistle, traced the path of his companion.

beautiful head and tail

In that heavy digestion, the night was stopped for a few minutes by the injury of ottavio, and Atletico disappeared in that search for itself. Seeing the light of a dawn, as it had happened a year earlier, again threatened to leave something cold.

But, without looking for it, Rosiblancos found themselves with a double yellow taremi Who reopened the door for them when it seemed that it was locked. The beating Ram simulated a fall in the field and ended up in the locker room. It didn’t look like any remedy for Atletico’s ills, which were finding it difficult to reach the opponent’s door. until Attractive, determined to create his legend with goals worthy of a life, moreover already dispelled all fears. And he put his hands on the field and opened them again.

but Griezmann It took him half an hour (actually 41 minutes) to free the Metropolitan. With his head down, on the last breath of the game, from the corner, he destroyed the illusion of the entire stadium.

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