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Champions: From ‘Coco’ and the Shyness of School to the Legend of ‘KB9’: The Maturity of Karim Benzema | champions league 2021

Champions: From 'Coco' and the Shyness of School to the Legend of 'KB9': The Maturity of Karim Benzema |  champions league 2021

In Valdebas, the Frenchman’s leadership has stood out since 2018 after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo. No one has more goals and assists in the major European leagues than him.

Karim Benzema during the match against Chelsea.Adrian DennisAFP

from ‘Coconut‘ (as they called him) from ‘KB9There are three decades of poverty, shame, talent, problems and success. a. of the boys Catholic school messing with baby Algerian origin, of the youth of olympique de lyon took advantage of shame whatever that little striker played ball child In first team matches. Of a signing by Real Madrid. Additional sports news. Why doubt? from Champions And the shoulders that have carried the weight santiago barnabus After the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo. There are already four seasons Karim Benzema‘cocoa’, ‘KB9’, accumulating Stories for his Madrid legend, Last Wednesday night Stamford Bridge with other hat-trick for history.

shy teen bron is now captain The leader of Madrid, the first to leave the locker room during the warm-up and blow the opening whistle. her fist raised towards the bench Merengue after 0-2, while the stadium mourned his header and his teammates shouted with joy, he explained everything. “I use the first minutes of matches study the opponent And from there, I play”, explained Benzema some time ago. In London, he understood that to act as a center in the area he had to serve.false 9‘ In the exit of the ball, suspect the opponent’s center-back and create a blank faith valverde You vinicius, Thus the first goal came and that’s how he found a hole in the second.

At the break, on his way to the changing room, he specified, with Alaba, already a leader like him, the best option for attacking the ‘Blue’ defense. Knew Christensen, silva You Rudiger They weren’t having their best night. In the first game of the second half, he put pressure on the German centre-back after an error mendy and scored third. again taking advantage of the opponent’s goalkeeper’s mistake, such as Ulrich In the second leg of the 2018 semi-final against Bayern, with kerius against Liverpool in the final of the same year, as with donnarumma this season…

“this is my story”

Beyond their football, something that is already admired by the entire planet, that most surprises and stands out valdebebas It is his psychic power, something that did not generate so much security in his formative years. “They’re not going to do anything. this is my story“, I wrote for WhatsApp to your rapper friend niska Before the second leg against PSG. her maturityespecially after second time father, has just arrived when Madrid needed it the most after the sale of Cristiano. A few months before the Portuguese left, Benzema turned morale for the urbanization of pseudocampoa luxury in the middle of nowhere 35 kms north of madrid, near valdebebas and the airport from which he takes off in his private plane Lyons either Dubaiyour favorite destination.

The European football spring has found him in the midst of a fasting Ramadan, a crucially important moment for Karim, a self-confessed Muslim, and for his religion. A circumstance which he shares with other footballers and which does not affect in his day to day playing. I like fastingI admitted this week Sir, At 34, Data doesn’t disprove that argument: He’s been hat tricks In the Champions League, he has 13 goals in the last seven games he has played, 37 in 36 games this year and no one has more goals and assists than him in Europe: 24 and 11. 31 and 2. lewandowski20 and 10 request and 17 and 13 mbpp,

A constant in which a . It happens absolute event In Madrid itself, as is logical. Ancelotti’s team’s three worst games This season they have come across very little physically, with or without the Frenchman. he wasn’t even in Bilbao for the cup, when the whites were eliminated, neither in Classic’s 0-4, and by the way Paris He came on the buzzer after an injury against PSG. Off the lawn, it’sright eye” from florentino parezzo and one of the great characters of the soap opera Mbapp. sign onJoe has joined in a great friendship that the Madrid board hopes will translate into the signing of the young French attacker.

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