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Champions: Fede Valverde Ends Ancelotti Riddle: “He’s Shy, Too Normal And Focuses On Football” | champions league 2021

Coach finds the perfect piece to fuel up for Madrid in ‘El Pajarito’. Fatherhood was his turning point and in Valdebebas he highlights his professionalism in accepting his role.

Fede Valverde against Chelsea.AFP
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Being a normal human being in the world of football is often a strange thing. Nestled in luxury homes and a vicious circle, some footballers can lose their influence, forgetting their roots and the purpose of their professional careers. It’s not about Fede Valverde, Federico Santiago Valverde Depeta on your identity document. Some come out like the Feds. He is a shy, familiar and normal boy, very normal, everything is normal that people can imagine, they say about him valdebebaswhere he already manages the gallons of the man needed Carlo Ancelotti, no rotation man to change Casemiro, Modric or Croso when they can’t play. He is a start with them and has been instrumental in Madrid’s improvement in recent weeks. little bird it’s the missing piece of the puzzle caraletto,

son of Julius and Doriso and raised in a stable environment Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, the Fed made football a major actor at Valverde House. So much so that at the age of three he was already training with a team of six-year-olds, and at the age of nine his mother took him to tryouts to enter. Pearl, They say he was and is shy, leaning on a tree to wait for his coach’s call while other teammates insisted on playing. They already know: a cool boy,

The exceedingly easy skipping steps in the mine of one of Uruguay’s biggest clubs didn’t make him believe he was more than anyone, but reinforced his idea of ​​mediocrity. He broke away from friends who were not friendly to him and maintained the familiar and stable environment he had grown up with. Nor when Madrid announced his signing at the age of 17nor when picking up your first Uruguay League With 18, Not Even Winning U20 World Cup Silver Ball With just 19 in 2017. Nothing changed Federico. Already when he arrived at Uruguay’s campus of the inferiors he was very shy, Small, slender…the coach of the time, Tabarez said that for his age, he had an astonishing vision for the game. Coach Pablo Bengochea, a member of the Pearl, said at the time, “I’ve never seen a 16-year-old with his skills.”

Their first child and Covid, a turning point

he moved in with his parents Spainfirst to madridthen to korua And then grew up calm and professional, in the capital, and in the Madridista discipline. The voices closest to the white dressing room point to the vital professionalism of the human group that makes up the current Madrid team, especially when it comes to Roles, accept substitutions and gallon loss. And Valverde has excelled in that. Knowing that ahead of him is a midfield player who marked an era, he knows how to wait without making a sound until football has given him his time: he’s on football, on preparation and on breaks a lot. Focuses, they point out. in your environment. the day before the game against PSG I disconnected the mobile, it was not for anyone. and against today Chelsea Do exactly that.

Fatherhood is one of those things that has been a turning point in his life and his career. his wife, Mygave birth to a small benicio‘Benny’, in February 2020, just before the world stopped. With his parents in Montevideo when he started a family with his partner, child and reflections during confinement focused his efforts even more on family and football. Nothing else has existed for him since then.

They have a prototype for European level football, one of their coaches, Ramiro Martínez, said in 2016. Six years later, Valverde is the prototype of a modern footballer for Madrid. Physical, strong, vertical and with a punch, but with the talent needed to combine, something significant among the greats of the continent. That’s how Madrid appreciates it, relieved as he jumps to the starting eleven, Against Chelsea, his physical performance helped Carvajal and Modricand in the attack he punished at his own pace Azpilicueta and Rudiger, After a season in which Ancelotti barely turns around, this bet also assures Uruguay of its future. She only sees herself in white, like in that dream when she was four years old: Mom, I dreamed that I had a white T-shirt and the public sings to me, her mother told her a few years ago .

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