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Champions: Chelsea, the last great at the Bernabeu | champions league 2021

Champions: Chelsea, the last great at the Bernabeu |  champions league 2021

The London team has never played in the White Coliseum. Tuchel described Chamartine’s “stage” as legendary after his comeback against PSG.

Ancelotti and Tuchel at Stamford Bridge.Glyn KirkeeAFP
  • casemiro “Whistling the Bells is like whistling Madrid’s history”

Chelsea He is the only great player in current football who hasn’t set foot on it. Santiago Bernabeu, A circumstance that perfectly explains their past, punishment decades away from domestic and continental title fights, and their present, already established as one of the best teams in Europe. group of tuchel went through it alfredo distefano from valdebebas About twelve months ago, paved the way for the conquest of Championsbut he will live first night in chamartine, Big words from the German coach in charge of highlighting in the previous duel. ,This match couldn’t be more different from last year’s match», he summarized, later specifying the importance of the White Coliseum in any continental event. “One of the biggest challenges will be playing as a visitor at the Bernabeu, and even more so given the result of the first leg. This is a stage in which you can give your best, a wonderful opportunity to learn and perhaps an experience to push our limits». The return, yes, he described as “unlikely”.

Madrid win over PSG Extended once again to the Round of 16 Mysterious image of Merengue Stadium, own KovacicA former Madrid player and current Chelsea midfielder used the return of his former team as an example of the feat his team should achieve. “I was there when we came back 2-0 Wolfsburg To go to the quarters. Football always surprises. group of Stamford Bridge he comes from scoring six goals against southampton The Premier could further tweak his plan to have five defenders and two midfielders. It is an option for Kante to engage the Croatian, or to try to misalign Fed Valverde’s position to populate the center of the field further, taking advantage of Madrid’s superiority in the middle which was very free during the first leg. Happen. This won’t happen LukakuHe who has stayed in London is injured, therefore Havertz Will repeat in front. Doubt comes with his teammates: Mason Mount seems certain and Pulisic and Ziyech Looks like they are fighting for second place. Everything against Madrid almost impossible to achieve.

Mental games after the first stage

In Valdebebas, aware in the first person of the many joys offered by football in the second half of the qualifiers, they do not relent. Those words from Tuchel after 1–3 in London, assuring that the duel was not “survivable”, caused a smile in the White campaign. a mind game ancelotti Could not believe: «they are going to tryGreat teams never give up. This is the spirit of football, ”the Italian reflected in the press room.

twelve months ago, caraletto Brighton was on the visitors’ bench Everton, so he lives a dream he refuses to let go of. position in Leagues and Champions He has confirmed to the Madrid board that Transalpine was the best option as a substitute for Zidane. Without great changes, great ideas or great experiments, technicians, 62 years, on his return to the European elite is on track to be outstanding. from Brighton 90 minutes away from the Champions League semi-finals with the league almost in his pocket. “Madrid was the only club that i couldn’t say, I could have told others that I was living at Everton, but not in Madrid.”

Madrid coach can trust ferland mendywho has already trained with the rest of his teammates, and will repeat the plan that gave him such good results in the first phase, with faith valverde Heel to help right carvajal And giving air to all three in the middle of the field. Despite being outspoken about it, Ancelotti warned his players about possible changes to the plan if Chelsea propose something different: “You have to be prepared for everything.”

If the match goes according to Madrid’s wishes and it doesn’t suffer more than expected, it is possible that the Bernabeu will get one again in the final minutes of the match. Gareth Bale, In front of him jetafeThe public was compelled to whistle the Welshman, something that was not very much liked in the locker room: «I disagree, I do not like. When you blow the whistle, you are blowing the history of this club,” he assured. casemirowhich points to a “shield” when he thinks the “key” of Madrid’s season is: “We live on it. We believe until the end.”

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