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Champions: Carlo Ancelotti and Pep Guardiola’s Black Hole | champions league 2021

Champions: Carlo Ancelotti and Pep Guardiola's Black Hole |  champions league 2021

Problems in the defense, due to injuries, marked the first leg of the semi-finals. Alaba, with few choices, and Mendy, skeptical. I cancel, approve, and Walker waits. Dance a key piece in Madrid. City heals leader Reuben Dysa

Pep Guardiola and Carlo Ancelotti in 2015.Reuters

Carlo Ancelotti You pep guardiola They have only one black hole. This is defense. Casualties threaten its structure without knowing practically until tomorrow, when Manchester City and Madrid play the first leg of the Champions League semi-finals at the Etihad, if they are going to be able to rely on vital pieces. Ancelotti is waiting praise, casemiro You mendy, because of his physical problems. One centre-back, one winger and one defensive midfielder, no less. Waits to learn Guardiola’s development Stone You walkerOne central and one lateral, waiting to know whether he would be able to rely on a natural piece for the Left, due to the approval of i cancel,

At this point in the season, the loss of soccer players to both teams due to overload is not surprising. In Madrid’s case, Ancelotti’s betting on the starting eleven until they virtually won the league, something that did not come to Sánchez Pizzun. At City, Guardiola has used more pieces, but very close competition with a raving Liverpool, whom he leads by just one point in the Premier League, has stymied demand. “If we lose two points, Liverpool will take the title from us,” the coach reiterates.

The second part of Metropolitan depicts an exhausted city and an overwhelmed Guardiola. It is unknown whether this was due to a physical reserve problem, as its components, including the technician, said, or an inability to adapt to emotional demands in Simeon’s boiler. He then went on to lose to Liverpool in the semi-finals of the FA Cup, but with good performances in the second half, a trend that continued against Brighton and Watford on Saturday, which he scored (5–1), 21 shots on goal and 74. % scored. capture

Walker was not in that match, nor was the Stones, although Guardiola was able to line up. AK beside Reuben Days, the man I missed the most in Metropolitan. The return of the Portuguese central defender belongs not only to a certain player, but also of a caudillo. The centre-back has always been a headache since Guardiola left Barcelona, ​​although there are some players he has invested the most in. The only thing the city sheikh didn’t approve of was signing Maguire, Despite this, the Portuguese had no hierarchy and force, not even La Porte, Everything indicates that they may pair up at the Etihad.

rest of madrid

The cup final and league interruption in Spain have given Madrid more rest ahead of the Champions League duel, but without completely clearing doubts about Ancelotti. Given that the league is only waiting for the countdown to hand over the title to the whites, thanks to their advantage, everything indicates the Italian could take more risks with Casemiro and Mendy. Reduces discomfort in the Brazilian hamstrings like the French. The problem is that his situation worsens for the return next week, but now is not the time for reckoning.

Status of praise It is more complicated, as it suffers from a narrowing in the abductor, although without rupture, according to diagnostic tests. Their alignment is more unlikely. Again, the nacho is a key piece. He has replaced the winger with a central position given his versatility, and has done so in recent games with aggressive launches and brilliant performances with goals as well. For more options on wings, Ancelotti also has Lucas Vazquez, on the same lines as Nacho and a whole Madrid reinforced their second time in Seville and Pamplona. The first of these was probably the best stretch of gameplay featured this season. If not, there’s always pike, but we’ll have to wait for the return to talk about it.

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