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Champions: Benzema provides proof of life to Real Madrid’s Panenka at the Etihad champions league 2021

Champions: Benzema provides proof of life to Real Madrid's Panenka at the Etihad  champions league 2021

Manchester City 4 – Real Madrid 3

A penalty shot by the Frenchman keeps the white team alive after a very aggressive play by Pep Guardiola’s team (4-3)

Benzema scored a Panenka-style penalty.Peter PowellEFE
  • Statements and Statistics So let’s tell you the game

Etihad was a grill, and not because of the aggression of its fans. No, it was because of the frantic attack with which Guardiola wanted to burn Madrid, which was subjected to the trials of his life, which had been in previous years. panenkafrom Benzema, Courageous or daring, or both. The minimal necklace doesn’t ask for anything overwhelming for the spade, but it’s not fair to be greedy with luck. The floor now houses the barnabu. Of guardiola Don’t hesitate to be like this. He knows that Madrid has not stopped only with football. You need fire.

Three times Ancelotti’s team suffered a loss by two goals and reduced it to three times in a match in a ‘thriller’ rhythm that had no shortage of comfortable players, two children, but in which errors in the defense of both teams were high. Is said. Of Madrid, Mote.

All signs suited City, but it was hard to wait to see its effects. You can see things in two minutes. This is staged. Pressing, in the opposite area, intense. Mahrez Took the ball with the first heel, deep in the midst of doubt and lack of communication, carvajal You militaryAnd its center was a pearl. debrienne I apply it with a brush. This red haired Belgian has misunderstood something, something Van Gogh, but he portrays football like few others. Like Benzema. The Frenchman’s goal, which brought Madrid back to reality and center in the tie, had similarities in defense’s problems and definition, but that would require him to wait a third of the game, a very bad third Madrid.

mistakes in defense

When Ancelotti praised the defensive work he had done at the Etihad El Atlético, he knew what he was talking about. It was not a surprise. Even his own were not able to imitate him, poorly prepared, slowing down in anticipation. Guardiola had chosen Gabriel Jesus Instead of Bernardo Silva as the ‘nine’, whom he moved to midfield to display his wit and sweat. The Portuguese is the footballer every coach wants. Go, shoot, mark and find your team’s weaknesses. at startup it was Stone, forcing their lineup as City are suffering from a plague on the right side. Guardiola admits his mistake and takes his place fernandinhogallon first vinicius, but also the year. Madridista killed him in the first face-to-face. This is the power of youth.

City not only monopolized the ball, but also won individual doubles. modrik You cross They were missing, naked without a ball, and indecision accumulated when the city arrived with several people in the area. In a band between Foden and De Bruyne, which was like a tunnel of terror for Carvajal, ended in the field with a ball from Belgium. Gabriel Jesus guesses the alaba, turns around and puts the ball into the net. Easy, very easy. The Austrian centre-back was in doubt because of his injury in Pamplona and confirmed the fact, as was the case with Stones, that his line-up was a mistake. Nacho took his place after the break. The problem was that his partner, militaryHe was also not at his best.

response in time

Madrid, with two goals, could no longer wait. Living in the cave was suicidal. Going out offers an opportunity, though not without risk, in the form of Mahrez’s arrival and Foden, Which could have opened an already irreparable leak. Benzema then raised the banner and waved it to Vinicius, who could attack more of the Stones’ weaknesses. The pressure caused losses, uncertainties at Guardiola. Thus came the round, with the French taking the crown just as De Bruyne did.

Benzema’s personality prevailed several times at the Etihad, something that could be felt in the sentiments of ‘Citizens’ fans when they took the ball. He knew where the danger was. The move to Madrid ended Rodri’s calm, on whom the ball rested from the sight of a field marshal. Not now. Modric and Kroos appeared, and the guerrillas arrived.

The city does not disappoint, however. In one of his best editions of the season, he pushed with the same energy as he came back after the break, but without dominating the position at the start. A Militao error in a coverage left the field wide open for Mahrez. The Algerian progressed vertically, until his shot passed. The stick chases him away and the rejection is captured by Foden so that Carvajal can take him over the line. After a mistake initially made by Mendy, Foden’s goal was confirmed with City’s third, the script went back to the beginning that Guardiola’s players took advantage of Madrid searching the center without any players.

The advantage took Madrid back into the abyss when Vinicius betrayed Fernandinho, crossed the ground and defeated edersoN. The goal of a great in a great game. No one can doubt their size now. The result shortened the distance again until a poorly resolved ball in the Madrid area made the shot impossible for Bernardo Silva. We had to go back, and Ancelotti’s team did it up to the hand La Porte He put Benzema in the 11m. Recent failures were all in his head. He killed them and gave life to the King of Champions League. long life!

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