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Champions: Benzema, after Cristiano’s numbers: “Every day is better, like wine” | champions league 2021

Champions: Benzema, after Cristiano's numbers: "Every day is better, like wine" |  champions league 2021

Chelsea 1 – Real Madrid 3

Ancelotti praised his striker, who has scored 50 goals this season with 37 points and 13 assists.

Benzema, against Ziyech and Thiago Silva at Stamford Bridge.AFP

In more than seven decades of history, neither alfredo distfano, Charles Santilana either Cristiano Ronaldo, just to name a few famous people, had achieved a similar milestone. No less than six goals in a row for Real Madrid in the European Cup. A feat that elevates the recent legend Karim Benzema, who not only taunted football in London, but also canvassed one of Europe’s best strongholds. Chelsea’s Thomas Tuchelwho had scored only seven goals in 15 Champions League games (0.47 on average). 9 White.

Every day is better, like wine, I believed Carlo Ancelotti, in the press room of the famous winemaker, Stamford Bridge. Every day he assumes more and more leadership, he feels more and more important to this team and to this environment, added the Italian coach, when it comes to listing the qualities of his footballer. He not only excels in goals, but helps a lot in the game. He goes down to receive and it’s hard to mark because he moves a lot, I pictured after a night where Karim emulated a record Leo Messi You Cristiano Ronaldo,

Until yesterday, in the great continental tournament, only luis adriano He had the courage to emulate the Argentines and the Portuguese. In 2014, the Shekhar striker scored two runs hat-trick Consistently, like these most recent ones from Benzema. In the round of 16 at the Bernabeu three weeks ago and against the defending European champions in London last night. Those are magical nights like the second day against PSG. Today’s three goals satisfy me a lot, but I got half-time thinking about my missed chances at the end of the first half, so I think I’ll stick with the third, said the great hero of the night. His influence in any conspiracy was undeniable.

major in aerial sports

In any case, the 2,000 Madridists displaced at Stamford Bridge will take a long time to forget their two headers, perhaps the fate that has made most progress in recent times. In the 2018–19 season, for the first time without Cristiano, he already scored 10 goals in a Hawaii game and last year he scored another eight goals against Borussia Menchengladbach mentioning his brace. The campaign has so far accumulated four, after the campaigns achieved against Celta and Mallorca.

Although conceiving is difficult, Karim’s achievements don’t end there. And it is that for the first time in his 13 seasons with the Whites, he has been decisive, scoring 50 goals (37 goals and 13 assists). A milestone that was only within reach for Cristiano Ronaldo in this century at the Bernabeu. Ancelotti thanked him in the 86th minute, when he rested him in favor of Gareth Bale, And Didier DeschampsFrench coaches can point to another record: from 1959, the time bus fontaine At the Stade de Reims, no Gallic striker reached 10 goals in the European Cup.

Backed by Benzema, Madrid slay a Chelsea team if it has distinguished itself for more than a year, adjusting its defensive plan as the situation requires. Coordination of movements, the flexibility to move up or down the line until the opponent is eliminated due to suffocation or boredom. However, a faulty part left the entire structure unrepaired: Andreas Christensen, The Danish defender formed as a right centre, moving out of position. Caesar Azpilicueta, shifted to the left. As soon as they realized the vulnerability of that flank, Benzema and Vinicius launched themselves like beasts.

Tuchel, pessimistic for return

Saturday’s scenes against Brentford were repeated, when London’s poor neighbor did and undone his will at Bridge (1-4). Three goals in 10 minutes, just three like Benzema’s these two. Tuchel insisted, “We have to level up. I don’t know where he went after the national team break, but today’s first half was a repeat of the second half against Brentford.” “If we don’t recover quickly on a mental level, we won’t win at Southampton and we won’t have a chance at the Bernabeu,” predicted the German coach.

For several minutes, the only reason he was breathing was the presence as a right-handed laner. Reece James, with cross-center accuracy only available to the world’s top elite. The moment he opted for Feint, sending jorginho I had the best Swing possible to Kai Havertz, The comparison has been repeated for a few months Dennis Bergkamp, although the German international insisted on defining his own style. live with one’s humility false nine Or with the roundness of the ram attacking the area, Havertz once again displayed his best clothes. more went unnoticed they passed mason mount You Christian PulisicBest accessories for fast-paced football Blue, missed opportunities Romelu Lukaku You Hakim Zayech In the final stretch, he showed the impotence of the crown keeper.

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