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Champions: Atletico leaves Manchester with a simple scratch | champions league 2021

Manchester City 1 vs Atletico 0

City dominate the game and the ball, but can only break the red and white defense once, after a shot by De Bruyne. The tie in Wanda will be resolved in a week.

De Brien beat Oblak in City’s only goal.Ollie ScarfAFP
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As the clock ticked at the Etihad, and with perpetual danger of damage, the roar of a red and white fan echoed. No one was surprised by what happened between the walls of the City Stadium. No one goes home without hope. opposite of this. Atletico staked their cards on a counterattack, relented from that unwavering defensive spirit, and finished with a treatable injury within a week at Wanda Metropolitano. Despite his intentions, the blue storm failed to rip through his soul. At least that’s what the red and white players thought while playing Oasis Wonderwall over the loudspeaker. The semi-finals, yes, require Wanda to return and, of course, shoot on target.

In the rain, lead and continuous, lightning flashed. flash of blue light moving in the region of oblak Like a flock of hungry wolves. it was a threat posted on the wire simone had prepared to respond to gay staging of boys from guardiola, The two coaches in the band behave similarly, both physically and emotionally, but with very different football concepts. But the important thing, both in football and in life, is to always have a clear idea. And there is no doubt that last night, on the grass of the Etihad, there was neither of the two shields.

From kick-off, the ball was an optical illusion for Atletico. Nothing they weren’t warned about. That was not his fight. The ball was always out of his reach, but joao flicks He was always on alert for any error in the circling blood supply of the city. RodriThe boy with a red and white heart, who had left Madrid for the second time three years earlier, swung the English ship of his own free will. In a way, as his coach would have done, if he could wear shorts. A blue thunderstorm was expected, but Etihad Allianz de Maniche (2016) or Anfield (2020) was not. It was something else. Oblak sensed danger, but found little trouble until the brakes. It was more spontaneous than the actual fire.

Joao Flix, Saw

and there were times when except the goalkeeper edersonThe whole city was in the rojiblanco field. La Portelast frontier Citizen, sitting several meters ahead of the center circle. For a moment while Simone was being strangled by the band, the game was fought in just 30 metres. A concentration of 21 football players who threatened to be ruined in any rebound. However, Oblak walked into the locker room without harboring any local bad intentions. To vrsaljkoBy the way, he had to measure himself RealAn initial headache that was pacified by courage.

Only twice did Atlético go on an adventure in the first act. He didn’t seem too worried about it. The beginning, of course, was Joao Flix, always closely followed by several blue shirts. But Rosiblanco’s face changed after the break. He had stopped the rain and thought it was time to run. did GriezmannThe two galloped thoroughly, reminiscent of that night at Arsenal Stadium, aggressively silenced, only matter a simple acceleration.

Foden’s inequality

De Bruyne calibrated the oblak for game time for the first time that night. It was with a direct free kick that the Slovenian goalkeeper saved with some difficulty. The days are not far when the goalkeeper passed under suspicion, it seemed he was kept under lock and key. Because of this, Atletico’s bet was gaining momentum last night. also because PhilipJiménez’s replacement has already shown his good side reinaldo Nor is it out of place when life requires suffering. He knows what he is, off the field.

The night opened when Guardiola waved his stick with his triple change. Satan foden discovered the first crack in the Atlantic and debrienneFull of power, he launched a deadly attack on his men, with which he managed to overthrow Oblak. With which he managed to cross the stone found in front. The rojiblancos had staked everything on the counterattack, suffocating a storm that ended with only a few tiles ripping apart. Yes, they returned home without scoring a single goal.

Guardiola speculates in the preview that Atletico is capable of denying you what you are. And last night, I tried to do the same with Manchester City for a long time. With the runner-up in Europe and the leader of the premiership who was far better in the first round. It will take place in a week at Metropolitano, where it will be revealed who has the best solution for the tie.

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