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Champions: Around the Penalty at Metropolitano: “I can’t go inside much, I’ll be a mess” | champions league 2021

Champions: Around the Penalty at Metropolitano: "I can't go inside much, I'll be a mess" |  champions league 2021

Atletico-Manchester City (X/21.00)

The club is awaiting a response from TAS at the earliest. “My father used to say: ‘The fish dies with its mouth,'” Simeone said of the criticism of other coaches for his playing system (5-5-0) at the Etihad Stadium.

Coke during the press conference.Pierre-Philippe MarcoAFP
  • Sanctions UEFA pits Metropolitano’s part against City due to Fascist greetings from Atletico fans at Etihad

It was after 1:00 pm when Diego Pablo simone You coke He appeared in the press room. After training at the Metropolitano, the final test before facing Manchester City, threatened by huge dark clouds. After appearing on two consecutive tours to Manchester with coach Marcos Llorente, with changes in schedule and company. Morning training and talking, except for occasions that require a visit, is something new for a Champions League match. Maybe it’s just coincidence.

Both the captain and the coach, the only survivors since December 2011, appeared in the pulpit of the Metropolitano with the background noise of a UEFA clearance. Unless TAS says otherwise, the Rosiblanco club will have 5,000 fewer fans than planned. “Hopefully they communicate the final decision as soon as possible”, he recounted to the unit, having resorted to the race, trying to avoid a good mess, and all available tickets, as was logical, had gone on sale. The gesture punishment and the Nazi flag were announced just two days before the game, leaving little time to maneuver. So he was convinced that common sense, at least common sense, would allow the sanction to be deferred to the next occasion.

When asked about the matter, Coke admitted, “I can’t go into it much, because I’ll be in trouble.” “That they see it in the club, that they are the ones who have to work on it and I am on the pitch. I want all my guys to be there, I can’t say more,” he said, before looking at the unit. One of the people responsible for

Diego Pablo Simeone during the press conference.Pierre-Philippe MarcoAFP

After Coke’s words, the Guru’s words came. Each word measured to keep the knot from getting even bigger: “We want our guys to be in an important game and hopefully this can be sorted out so that it is the same for everyone.” And they reminded Cholo of the flight that was in the locker room tunnel old Trafford, under the intense rain of objects. “I ran as usual and I found myself in the state of things that had happened before me. Nothing hit me. And I remained anonymous until he commented on it, because we did it completely left behind,” he calmly admitted. ,

“The fish dies from the mouth”

But a game is played on Wednesday. The highest caliber the Metropolitan has seen in Europe so far. And everything, with the echo of what happened Etihad, The embers of that defensive bet, which has drawn criticism from some colleagues in the profession. “I’ve trained from 2005, 2006 to the present day and I never show any contempt for any of my colleagues. Never. Because I always put myself in the place of the coaches I compete with. I understand There are different ways of expressing what one feels. One who has watched and won every game, but I do not share it when someone contemplates a colleague,” he alleged. That my father used to say: ‘The fish dies with its mouth'”.

In the final attack against City, Coke will also be there, handing over his coach’s board: “We have a plan and we are within that plan.” Two teams with opposing styles. None of them dislike the rojiblanco captain. “Everyone has their own philosophy of playing. I love City and Atlético with that passion and patience,” he admitted. With the feeling that something big could happen on Wednesday. The memory of that 2014 game against Barcelona was floating in his mind: “I smell it in the air.”

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