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Champions: Another turning point for Casemiro, Modric and Kroos: How to hurt Chelsea’s wall? , champions league 2021

Champions: Another turning point for Casemiro, Modric and Kroos: How to hurt Chelsea's wall?  ,  champions league 2021

Ancelotti’s accumulation of efforts by the trio contrasts Tuchel’s with artists represented by Jorginho, Kante and Kovacic.

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With only a few hours to play for his future in the Champions League, there are more doubts about who will make up Real Madrid’s midfield, rather than who will sit on the bench. Awaiting final PCR which clarifies the situation Carlo Ancelottiit seems clear that casemiro, toni crosso And Luka Modric will start at Stamford Bridge, while faith valverde And eduardo camavinga They will wait for an opportunity in the second part.

The immobility of the Italian coach, reluctant to turn around since the start of the season, contrasts with the constant variations introduced by Thomas Tuchel, And this marked dichotomy is perceived even more clearly in the midfield, the region in which Madrid have at times strengthened their dominance, the same one which had been inadvertently obstructed by Chelsea only 11 months earlier.

Modric and Casemiro’s international commitments did not change the idea of ​​Balaidos, where Cross once again carried out Ancelotti’s plan. Another afternoon for the trio, who monopolize efforts and reach the final stage of the course at a clear disadvantage. Casemiro has played 82.9% of minutes in all competitions with 37 starts. Modric, with 31 from the start, collects 67.7% and Cross, with another 31, draws 67.7% in the legs.

These numbers are in contrast to the distribution of efforts offered by Tuchel. jorginho, Matthew Kovacic And N’Golo Kante, probably your favorite bet for Wednesday. And it seems only the Italian, with 31 games as a starter (64.1% min), appears to be subject to severe punishment. The Croatian, for their part, played only 25 games (50.5%) from the start, while the French had to settle for 22 and 41.3%.

defensive effectiveness

To these figures it is necessary to add the defensive proficiency of the midfielders. blues, whose numbers in the premiership are higher than those offered by their rivals in LaLiga. With a low percentage of minutes, as mentioned above, Jorginho, Kovacic and Kante shared 149 interceptions, which were 136 for Madrid. these figures are equal to tackle (124–130) and they favor whites only in recovered balls (573–686).

However, these stats should be seen as tainted by the influence of Tuchel’s strikers, whose relentless pressure had already dislodged the Whites’ defenders during last year’s semi-finals. If it serves as an example, only Kai Havertz With 1.76 tip interceptions, the opponent adds 8.8 pressure per game in the last third of the field. Few numbers are more typical of a midfielder than a false nine, a position usually occupied by the German international.

For the moment, Chelsea’s strengths are consolidated in the Premier, with an average of one goal every 114 minutes – less than City and Liverpool – and a 45% clean sheet. His intensity, his extremely high speed and his confidence all around edouard mendy These are the qualities with which it has been undermining rivals. And before that wallop, Ancelotti’s team will have to find new ideas and tight resolve in the image and likeness of what Brentford showed on Saturday, with a thumping 1-4 performance at Stamford Bridge.

Of course, Tuchel’s earlier analysis emphasized the amnesia behind it: “Nobody saw it coming after 1-0 because it was so unusual for us, but we stopped defending. We were too loose.” And they punished us for it.” It ended 17 matches without a loss at home. For the second time in the coach’s era, which already included 79 commitments, he scored at least three goals. And this is what hurts the defending champions of the Champions League the most.

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