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Champions: Ancelotti, the Sheriff and the trip to Transnistria: “If you are in the world of football, you have to adapt to everything” | Champions League 2021

 Champions: Ancelotti, the Sheriff and the trip to Transnistria:

The Italian was surprised by the stadium of his rival and defended Isco: “He has not disrespected me.” Courtois threw Hazard a cloak: “We can’t kill him.”

Ancelotti, at a press conference.GLEB GARANICHREUTERS
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Carlo Ancelotti and Thibaut Courtois appeared in the press room of the Sheriff Stadium at six o’clock in the afternoon, late at night in Tiraspol. A strange journey for the expedition of the Real Madrid, that after landing at the airport in Chisinau had to travel for more than an hour the 50 kilometers that separate the capital from Moldova from the capital of the Independent Republic of Transnistria. “It’s been a long journey, but we haven’t had any problems. We have a good hotel and I was surprised by the stadium, it’s new and it’s really good. The one who plays and is part of this world of football has to adapt to everything“, explained the Italian in his appearance.

The transalpine technician, who assured that “It is not difficult to train Madrid, for a race I prefer a Ferrari than a Fiat 500“I also value the controversy that arose as a result of the warming of Isco during the game against him grenade. “Isco was ready and there is no problem, it is not necessary to mount a thing of this”, said, before the rumors that the Andalusian had refused to continue warming up. “Isco is a professional, he’s angry because he doesn’t play, but He has never disrespected me and I have never disrespected him. Our relationship is not only professional, we have spent a lot of time together and we respect each other to the maximum. “

Regarding the match, which reminds him of “the bad experience of the first leg at the Bernabu”, he admitted that except for the possible tickets of Militao and Rodrygo in the eleven, “there will be no rotations.” “You have to take into account the moments and the dynamics. One of the few games we have lost this year has been against them.”

Courtois: “We can’t kill Hazard”

Courtois, for his part, returned to defend his compatriot Eden Hazard, again absent from the list of those summoned due to gastroenteritis: “We cannot kill him or forget the player that he is and what he has shown in his career. The talent he has does not go so easy, “said the Belgian goalkeeper.” It makes me sad because his dream was to play for Madrid and I see him training with enthusiasm, not with his head down. But it is not easy. I am sure that I will contribute a lot “, value the goalkeeper, absent in the finalists for the award ‘The Best‘for best goalkeeper of the season. “I’m not surprised after the comments I made,” he said with a laugh. At the time, Courtois criticized UEFA for holding the match for third place in the Nations league. “I prefer to win the Champions League and the League than individual awards.”

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