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Champions: Aguero’s painful sale to City that was a catharsis: millions and veto against Real Madrid in an SMS | champions league 2021

Manchester City – Athletic (21.00)

The transfer of Atlético star Kun in 2011 coincided with the start of the best phase in the history of both teams. In May, the English team will inaugurate a statue for Argentina.

In just over a month, fans of Manchester City The participant can be photographed next to the statue at the Etihad Stadium sergio aguero, Its carving, the work of Scottish sculptor Andy Scott, will be one of the meeting points before entering the stadium, as is the case with those already David Silva And Vincent Company, If at Old Trafford, at the other end of the city, selfie The forced joint is next to the Monument to the Trinity, that is, Bobby Charlton, Dennis Law And George Best, They are here. because the proudest stage of Citizen It was his fault. Especially Kun, the executor of that Redemptive Premiere (2012), which ended a 44-year drought, aiming for an eternal goal at 93:20 minutes. A numeral that many local fans still have printed on their shirts. 10 years after that indelible goal, the statue will be inaugurated on May 13. Queens Park Rangers,

It was a restart of sorts in the city’s history, with three of them being champions in five of the last 10 leagues. pep guardiola, who praised Atletico’s style in a press conference this Monday. Courtesy of Shekho A unit sailing in economic abundance Mansoor bin Zayed, That he sighs, as is the case with Atletico, for the champions who turn their backs on him.

Without doubting that his heart would anticipate their goodbyes, Aguero changed Manchester for Barcelona last summer, becoming a legend: the city’s top scorer in history (260), most prolific foreigner in premiership (184) ) and the owner of the largest number of hats. -tricks (12) in the competition. And that, in that cramped 2011, Kun, who in January renewed until 2014 but was convinced her future lay in the Bernabeu (that’s what her representatives told her), clouded her eyes when she saw her destiny turn into a cloud. And there was His words to the Argentine, announcing his intention not to return to Madrid, were a slam in Rogiblanco’s heart. “I had a buyer, a super salary and a super project in front of me”, remember those who went through this process.

“do not let me”

Let us turn our eyes to that summer morning of 2011. Terrible week at Calderon, with the escape Surname Confusion caused by disappointed signing of and for Manchester luis enrique for the bench. We are in the bathroom corridor of the iconic Japanese restaurant Kabuki at Hotel Wellington in Madrid. Miguel Angel Gilo, Atlético’s CEO, with his cell phone glued to his ear, finishes selling Aguero to Citi. He learned a few days ago that his star had a deal with Real Madrid and this irritated him to such an extent that he traveled from Los Angeles de San Rafael (Segovia) to Los Angeles (California), the enclave where the team Started the season. set up set Citizen, to end the problem. There he met with a representative of the British club to cast the striker. This facilitated the operation for less than what the white team paid for. He distributed 40 million euros.

But back to Kabuki. Miguel ngel Gil returns to the table where he was having lunch and asks those with him: «How do you write ‘Don’t let me down’ in English? and that”Do not disappoint me» was the last message sent to Sheikh Mansoor. He did this by reminding him that the Real Madrid antitrust clause, by which Aguero would not be able to sign for the White club for the first two years, would not be included in the contract, but in return the sheikh gave him his word that, In fact, Kun will not go to Madrid. Hence “Do not disappoint me, Aguero neither went to say goodbye nor went to the Bernabéu. And that his uncle Daniele continued to work for some time at the Cerro del Espino de Mazadahonda. This hasty deal will end in luck for all three parties involved.

The best Atletico ever emerged with the arrival of that 2011 simone In December. with the signatures of burn it immediately And falcao, which in part would not have been possible without the 40 million received from the sale of Kun. Nor without investment funds such as Doyen Sports, as the club’s economic and sporting conditions were difficult at the time. Coincidence or not, the awakening of the two teams, which met for the first time in Europe this Tuesday, began partly with the operation that threatened to leave a painful scar next to Manzanares. It was not so.

Giménez. questions for

“They are much more than the rich and operate as rich clubs,” he tells City from the Rosiblanco club’s offices, where he emphasizes that the British have an extensive management team. , for example, compared to PSG. And, also, that there is something akin to a non-aggression pact with the French club, Bayern and other greats, for example, in the case of transfers. Not so with the rest, who live in a more economic reality.

Atletico experienced this just three years ago (July 2019), when the English team presented themselves with 70 million of the release clauses. Rodri To take it to Etihad Stadium. Yes, they did so with prior notice, so as not to torpedo your opponent’s game plan for tonight. The role of Guardiola, who had a great emotional impact on the midfielder, was pivotal. In the summer of 2013, it was Martin Demichelis Who took the same plane by paying 4.5 million. A short-lived center that did not last even two months in Madrid.

a couple of minutes ago, Gimenez, being absent this Tuesday due to injury also came to his notice. At the beginning of last year, there was a question (instead of a proposal) about the defender. He proposed a favorable transfer of around 80 million. A figure that was forgotten in spite of a moment’s hardships. Just like those 40 who performed for their compatriots God inin 2015.

Over the past decade the city’s eyes have crossed from Atlético several times. Without a doubt, the most fulfilling period in the lives of both teams. And it all started with Aguero. The person who will have a statue in the Etihad. The one whose plate on the Paseo de las Leyendas del Metropolitano usually looks tarnished. “It was a shame we didn’t face each other when Kun was there,” he says at Atletico. With him (almost) everything began.

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