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Champions: A huge bust of Lenin, offers for ‘Black Friday’ and the austere Hotel ‘Russia’ where Madrid to sleep in Transnistria | Champions League 2021

 Champions: A huge bust of Lenin, offers for 'Black Friday' and the austere Hotel 'Russia' where Madrid to sleep in Transnistria |  Champions League 2021

The white team arrived this Tuesday at the airport of Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, over the border controls with Transnistria and reached their hotel in the center of a Tiraspol full of communist symbols.

Image of the Hotel ‘Russia’ in Tiraspol.ARTHE WORLD
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The October 25 Avenue, named after the Russian Revolution of 1917, is the Tiraspol main street, the capital of Transnistria. It starts almost at ruins of the old city fortress and reaches the ‘Republican Botanical Garden’. They are something more than three kilometers that you have to visit to really know. Do not think that you can get an idea from a quick visit in Google maps, because in Transnistria there are not enough photos to make a ‘mapping’ of the area that allows you to navigate through it as if it were the city of Madrid. No, here you have to walk to find out.

The Dnister it accompanies the wide avenue, bumpy and with grass on the sides at its beginning, and then leaves it, winding through the forest, to come closer again later. Shops, banks, restaurants, and apartment buildings begin to crowd right and left after you pass through the monument to Lenin, cape in the air at the gates of history Museum, the monument to the tanks and the square in honor of Aleksandr Suvrov, the Russian general who, they say, never lost a battle. From there life begins in Tiraspol.

A Sushi & Burger, a Bank, a kebab, a bank, a restaurant called ‘Life‘, a bank, a store with the sign of Levis, a bank … There are no problems with withdrawing money, of course. Even if you walk away from the main avenue you will find a beach. Yes, a beach. The Dnister beach, of course, because the ‘Beach Club‘from the Ukrainian Odessa, the fastest access to Black Sea, they are more than 100 kilometers away.

One of the tallest buildings in the October 25 Avenue It is from a fashion brand that, in case you have any questions, is on discount week for the ‘Black friday‘. Because in Transnistria one thing is sentimentality and symbols and another is the day of November 2021. It is not extreme capitalism, obviously, but the area it opens up to the world and is copying details from the outside. All in Russian and with him Transnistrian ruble as currency to buy anything, those. English, the euro and credit cards do not exist for almost anyone.

In those, a few meters further on, the Real Madrid. The expedition of the white set, received by a hundred fans, most of them young, arrived in Tiraspol on Tuesday to stay in the best hotel in all of Transnistria. Guess the name? Effectively: Hotel Russia, attached to Avenida 25 de Octubre, in which the room costs 50 euros per night, far from the usual luxuries of any team of the European football elite. The white team could have stayed in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, but that would have forced them to do four steps across the border with Transnistria and repeating the journey of more than an hour between the two largest cities in the area on several occasions. It didn’t make up for it.

Instead, Madrid has stayed in this luxurious (for the area) but humble building of the little Tiraspol, with the Sheriff Sports Complex, the stadium of his rival, a few minutes by bus and with the communist statues and symbols in the street in front. At the university, which is located across the street from the hotel, we are greeted by a huge bust of Lenin.

A mid-level hotel“, says a British tourist in ‘Booking’, where the establishment receives a score of 8.5. On the outside, the image is that of the classic building in a beach area in Spain decades ago. The facade is old, with balconies for the rooms. “They do not accept credit cards,” warns another, although the hotel, without rooms available until the day after the game, assures that it has a currency exchange service.

Inside, the hotel explains on its website, there is a training room, a “business center with internet access“, meeting rooms and up to a casino which, in case you had any doubts, bears the name of ‘Sheriff‘. Of its rooms, some renovated and others with more classic furniture, the hotel highlights “the air conditioning and the flat screen television“In most hotels in the area, that’s a luxury.

Reference from elmundo