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Champions: A Chelsea split in two by a war and a neighborhood without a pandemic: “You can stop the night when the sanctions end” | champions league 2021

Fulham District, already without COVID restrictions, receives Madrid with a full stand at Stamford Bridge, although only for this match. “We can’t sell anything”, they say nearby

Chelsea facilities, this week.EFE
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going from north to south through infinity Fulham RoadFilled with antique shops, fast food joints, beer pubs and fruit and fish stalls, suddenly appears Britannia Gate From Stamford BridgeFirst access to the stadium Chelsea Football Club, Far from looking like a large complex, the Blue Coliseum gives off the feeling of being hidden among brick buildings. The facilities are on the border of the neighborhood. they . belong to the district Hammersmith and FulhamoAlthough the name of the team refers to the neighboring neighborhood Kensington and Chelsea, Across Fulham, on the river Thamesits t Craven Cottage, the stadium of the team with the name of the neighborhood. A rivalry of clubs and regions that has already experienced its hottest moments has been established with Chelsea in the European elite and with its fans more attentive to other teams. It was at the same place eleven months ago that fans of the London team pelted stones at the bus between the gates of the family residences. real Madrid in the second leg of the semi-finals of Champions,

A walk around Stamford Bridge helps to understand why and how the Russian invasion of Ukraine has split Chelsea’s season in two. without boss after the resignation of Russian Roman Abramovich, which is now an arbiter in the war and awaits a definitive sale of the unit; their ‘hands tied’ with their managers, unable to renew or sign players; without tickets sold (except for the match against Madrid, where ‘tomorrow’sold‘) or in the official store for T-shirts British government sanctions… with practically nothing. Not only this, the players themselves have to pay for petrol in the buses used on league trips.

The stadium is attached to the Britannia Gate, which is almost wall-to-wall. Sir Oswald Stoll Foundationthe heart of war veterans in london Which still manages the rooms for the men and women who have left the army. A great coincidence but a faithful reflection of how little London society forgets two great wars last century. This is partly why the fines paid to the Russian oligarchs had hardly any mercy and why many Ukrainian flags can be seen on houses on the nearest streets.

Hate Patrol and Chelsea

Besides the money that first-team footballers have to spend for their away matches, those who have been hit hardest by the sanctions are the facilities’ staff. Chelsea cannot benefit from their departments, which are unemployed because they depend on their Russian boss. In addition to not selling trained and store closures, those responsible for English organization cannot reserve hotel rooms. Millennium and Copthorne, which are part of the structure of Stamford Bridge and were until now one of its main sources of income. Due to the absence of fans, a part of them has been occupied by the employees of the company itself. uefa, You can sleep when the ban is over. We can’t sell anything at the moment, they tell this newspaper outside the hotel. Via the web, all the rooms turn out strangely sold For the entire month of April, without any explanation. He expects to get a new boss in four weeks.

The area around Stamford Bridge, like most of London, is forgotten covid-19 pandemic, Masks are no longer seen indoors, they have taken over day-to-day life and businesses are back to a certain normalcy: we are not the same as before the pandemic, but we can’t complain, explains Ahmed, the clerk in the furniture shop. Neighborhoods, middle class and with very cheap prices, do not harm. The debate, of course, centered on gasoline. That’s what worries me the most at the moment. It’s too expensive, says taxi driver Edgar. diesel has passed through 1.51 pounds in February 1.76 just. This Wednesday, yes, eyes will be on the pitch. I used to hate Chelsea because I’m from Arsenal, but now I like them even worse, insists Edgar, who threatens to spit if named gunmen, The two, along with Tottenham, are one of the city’s great teams that take the breath of football and that will highlight a large part of Real Madrid’s season tonight.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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