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Champion Real Madrid | LaLiga Santander 2021

Champion Real Madrid |  LaLiga Santander 2021

The white team beat Espanyol (4–0) with the Experimental Eleven, whom Benzema joins in the final stretch to sign his title.

Players from Madrid, with the league title.Chema MoyaEFE

This title falls like a ripe fruit in the hands of those who most wanted and deserved it. One league in a strange time, another like love in a time of cholera, loyal to the team that has best resisted all vicissitudes, the most stable and emotional in football, but also financially, with an iron fist to lead along florentino parezzo, In a pandemic, his decisions have been as successful as the unexpected Carlo Ancelotti, Looking around makes me dizzy. Madrid, however, has done more. He has matured in front of footballers who were not who they were. is about Benzema, vinicius either Rodrigo, which fired the first fumble on Sibels’ way to crown the French league No. 35 which leads to the Temple of Impossible Love. In the absence of four days, the title is not appealable but not inaccessible. Although the conditions preserve the excitement for the Champions League, which will take place on Wednesday, because today Madrid are champions, very champions. [4-0: Narracin y estadsticas]

Points skyrocket, especially against a knockdown Bara, who is trying to recover from the hand of a prodigal son, Xavi, Before their match against Mallorca, there are 18, with 12 left at stake. Beyond Barca’s dismemberment, Madrid dominated the tournament, leading continuously from day three of the tournament. Neither Atletico nor the emerging Real Sociedad or Sevilla have not changed their pulse. Barca also didn’t destabilize him 0-4 at the Bernabeu. On the contrary, he is awakened from the nightmare in the final stage which supports the preparation of the peacemaker. ancelottiMuch skepticism about the squad’s management, even physically, in favor of a very definite eleven. Hired as a transition coach, the title left him as a technician, having been called in to open the new Burnaboo. The man in ‘tenth’ has won all the major leagues.


Conservative and temperate, the Italian is not a friend of sudden changes, but circumstances demand him with the title virtually won. Against Espanyol, I left courtois, casemiro You modrik As the sole “title holder” against Espanyol. The Brazilian was returning from an injury he needed minutes before a duel with City, and the defense was broken by casualties. military, dance You praise, claimed it as a circumstantial centre. That spot ended with Mario Gila, a newcomer in the subsidiary, who invented the . Has given a great performance under the direction of RAL, camavinga You Ceballos They went with Croatian, which was like a title insurance policy.

The presence of the old footballer and workload in the eleven could have been a surprise, but Ancelotti’s plan was to distribute the minutes. In time, he left the field with Casemiro and Benzema and cross, Ms. Vinicius later. There are always risks, but amateurs or managers are more afraid of them than professionals. With some control, there’s no better way to keep tone competitive than with pitch. the city of guardiolaShortly thereafter, was squeezed by the premiere in Leeds.

experimental eleven

Madrid’s ‘clown’, Benzema, entered an attack that had already settled the game, thanks to the player who made the most of the last third of the season. It’s Rodrigo, Ancelotti’s third striker when he thinks of 4-3-3. If he leans towards 4-4-2, use Valverde. Against Espanyol, the experimental line-up took him 4-2-3-1, topping the final. marian, They had their first chances, up to three, but on the first they finished late and were clearly sent to the post. This lack of adjustment is the result of inaction. Vallejo has also suffered, but that was compromised a bit, and Ceballos is hardly appreciated for what, now, appears to be his great opportunity.

Gabriel BoysAFP

Rodrigo, on the other hand, lacks Mariano’s accuracy, as Asensio, scorer of the third goal. The Brazilian showed this notably with the first of his two goals, which ended with a start amid doubts, with the ball to Espanyol, but without showing a sting. Tom’s Roll, To his left was an old rocker as a fellow, marcelo, who is spending his last days at Barnabu, is blessed with a well-deserved legacy. No one has won so many titles in its history. Said soon.

when he left that band Robert Carlos It seemed that no one had surpassed him. Marcelo did it, a contemporary of the footballer who puts a face on this league and this Madrid. According to Vinicius, the signature could not have belonged to another. Benzema is his new ‘O Rey’. The face of white pride with the Brazilian, the trophy received from the hands of louis rubiales, the face that has put Spanish football to shame in a box-calculated despair. The champion is better off under the sun of Madrid, under the skies of Velázquez, where he celebrates and sees the arms. The league respects him. History awaits.

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