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Cesc Fbregas’ golden retirement in Italian Second Division

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Former player of Military Monaco in Como, a Serie B team, the next two seasons. In addition, he will be one of the shareholders of the club, where he sees a “long-term future”.

Cesc Fbregas during his presentation with Como.Matthew BuzzyEFE

Frustrated by injuries, restless to leave behind the bad feelings of this past season and with dreams of starting a new phase. Former football player for Barcelona and the Spanish national team Cesc Fbregas He leaves Monaco to face the final stages of his career in Italy, which has been his home for the past four years. He has decided to sign for Como for the next two seasons, a historic Serie B team, where he will meet with another ex-Chelsea player, Dennis the Wise, He will also be one of the shareholders of the club.

“I’m not here looking for money. I just wanted an exciting project. I chose Como for a variety of reasons. I wanted an experience that could engage and excite me. Wise reassured me; that’s someone.” Anyone who knows football. He told me about Como and I see a long future here.” term. I wanted this kind of thrill. It was easy to focus on this project,” he explained at the presentation press conference.

What has been the “worst year” of his career, as he said in an interview for the French newspaper so foot, the Spaniard is set to step down from the top of the football pyramid, where he has remained since 2003, the year he made his debut with Arsenal. Thus, Fbregas has decided to embark on a new adventure where he will give his last gasp after a season in which he has played a total of 6 games.

At 35 years old, he is part of a very distinguished dynasty of footballers with the best international records in the world. The Catalans have no shortage of offers from several clubs on the table. At first he could return to Spain; Because it’s projected to Las Palmas. However, the team’s leadership Francisco Javier Garcia Papers Cannot cope with player’s financial claims. Thus, fulfill your dream of being able to compete in Italy. With the aim of achieving promotion to Serie A.

an unexpected return

It was in the lower ranges of Barra where Cesc Fbregas began his career. There I used to match with players like Leo Massey either Gerard Pick, Thinking that he was not going to be successful at La Massa, he decided to continue his way at Arsenal, the club he made his debut on 23 October 2003.

After eight seasons at the London club, the midfielder decided to return to his home country. On August 15, 2011, he served under the orders of pep guardiola, where he was part of Barcelona’s golden age. After three seasons in his performance and several more trophies, the player decided to return to England, but this time to Chelsea. However, his role in ‘Blues’ was slowly waning, so he signed for Monaco in 2019, from where he hasn’t come out very well.

The spirit of victory and record was also reflected in the Spanish team. Ever since he debuted as an international in the lower under-17 categories, his qualities have gone unnoticed by those who at least understand football. with Louis Aragons In Command, leading the world conquest by ‘The Raid’, made his debut with the senior team in 2006, when he was just 18 years old. Since then, he has been included among those who have been part of the best generation of players in history and, therefore, of the Spanish Golden Age. Thus, he led two European Championships (2008, 2012) and one World Cup (2010) to heaven.

A club with a retreat and projects

Cesc, after a season of forgetfulness at the French team where Thierry Henri serves as assistant coach, seeks an escape route and finds it in Como. Since 2019, Lombard is owned by the club. Robert Buddy You Michael Bambang Hartono, two Indonesian millionaires who are ranked 54 and 56 in the Forbes rankings, are the richest in the world and the owners of St., based in London. Last year they finished 13th in Series B, but this season they have guaranteed an ambitious project with enough financial resources to be promoted to Series A.

“I have come to Como with the same ambition as always. I am here to play, do well and win. It is my priority, if anything changes it will be time to hang up my shoes. I return to Como Want where it deserves, added to Serie A I.

In just two years, the new Como D series has reached its current category. The basic idea is promising, but it would not have been possible without the role played by Dennis Wise as sports director. The former Chelsea captain and with substantial experience in Italian football have shared a dressing room at Stamford Bridge Gianluca Vialli, Gianfranco Zola and Pierluigi Casiraghi, He has also intervened in the signing of Cesc Fbregas.

“CSC will be at the club longer; not only will he have a contract as a player for the next two years. When I spoke to him he was very excited about the prospect and would become a shareholder in the company. Here he came He wanted to join the company for our ambitions, which include fixing a stadium, opening a business, a new sports center and reaching Serie A,” said the former Chelsea player.


Arjen Robben You frank ribree Followed the same path as the Spanish. The Dutchman, who turned 38 last January, decided to leave Bayern Munich in the 2018/19 season—like a rebuff—which was initially his last as a professional. However, eagerness and passion got the better of the player, and he decided to sign for Groningen, where he retired last year. For his part, the 39-year-old Frenchman is still active in the Calcio Italiana team Salernitana.

During the season, Fbregas will meet the Italian gianluigi buffon, who defends Parma’s goal at the age of 44. “I am happy to face him, I have already scored two goals against him, why not give him a third? The fact that there are two world champions shows that Serie B is of a high standard,” he concluded. ,

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