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Central defender’s son Rafa Mir, who did not find his father in the area

Central defender's son Rafa Mir, who did not find his father in the area

Author of a hat-trick against Ivory Coast and a key player reaching the semi-finals, he scored over 40 goals per season as a cadet. He was not suited to play in England.

Rafa Mir celebrating a goal in Miyagi.Reuters

My son has what I didn’t have, he rounds up. On the other hand, I was central. A tough centre, says those who faced mag miro, which went through several minor clubs until a brief taste of Primera with Albacete. All those years of football, away from the limelight, were for Magnus a magician, with whom he sought to guide his eldest son, as the man of the day in Spanish football has always identified. He taught me that if you have a minute, you have to take advantage of it, he said rafa miro, as he concludes what has so far been the game of his life, after an unfortunate year in which his goals did not work to retain Huesca in the elite. He left Miyagi Stadium with the ball under his hand. A’s ball hat-trick It could be worth a medal and change your future.

It was literally a minute. A Minute to Life, of Spain in Tokyo. This is the time that has passed between desperate calls luis de la fuente to the bench, after seeing how gradli And the elements forced the selection out of the Olympic tournament. Cte d’Ivoire also qualified for a place in the semi-finals, but no more than Spain. Rafa Mir went straight to the area the balls had to reach. In the first he did not find his father, a strict central defender, but the rivals behaved childishly. They got suspicious. if you do it against a goalkeeper, you are dead. Spain, on the other hand, was alive.

The important thing, what he’s always told me, is that if you leave the bench, you have to plug it in, the forward said. He could not obey orders better. Minutes of tip, already in overtime, replaced by penalties with blanks due to the need for Africans oarzabali, they gave her the opportunity to show that she is more than one Tony Cascarino to Spanish. He’s not just a body, 1.91, he’s a lot of footballer, a point that falls into the space that defines and sustains the people who have been with him in Huesca.

step through the mass

Goals are nothing new for Rafa Mir, not even a hat-trick. In addition to those achieved in the lower categories, he found one in Valladolid as a Huesca footballer. The ease of completing them caught the attention of his father, first and later, of several scouts. He went through the lower ranges of Valencia, from where he was transferred to Wolverhampton in 2018, but before that he was also at La Masia. In the same season, he scored 47 goals, while Cadet A and B Azulgrana scored alternately. In one year with Mercian Indoor Soccer Pojo, there were 120 in the same category.

Born in Cartagena, where his father played, a good season in Huesca, where he scored 13 goals last season in the First Division, not a significant figure for a team fighting for permanence, attracted the attention of many teams. Including Atlético de Madrid. Miyagi’s night is about to add to this.

striker who just met 24 yearsHe is clear that he wants to stay in Spain, despite the fact that some assignments, such as the one he had in Las Palmas, did not work out like his time in Huesca. He claims to be very Spanish, very Mediterranean, something that may have prevented him from adapting to the Wolves, as he did for his first transfer, also to England, in Nottingham Forest. With red it is in its sauce.