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Celta – Real Madrid (1-2): Real Madrid survives from eleven meters in Vigo. LaLiga Santander 2021

Celta - Real Madrid (1-2): Real Madrid survives from eleven meters in Vigo.  LaLiga Santander 2021

Celtic – Real Madrid (1-2)

Three penalties, two of which were scored by Benzema, saved Ancelotti’s men, who did not put up their best face against Celta (1–2). The leader is twelve points away while waiting for Barcelona-Seville.

Benzema takes one of the penalties against Celta.salvador sasiEFE
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Celtic went to the mountain of santa teclaat the foot of my river and the boundary between Spain And Portugalto try to heat up the fight for Federation, Travel real Madrid The Vigas region, along with the Galicians in No Man’s Land in the competition, was one of the great attractions of the end of the season for the Galicians. ,Celts vs Vikings“, read the sky-blue motto in the preview. 90 minutes later, Benzema’s two goals from a penalty kick propelled the whites in a race to lift the great Spanish football trophy.

after 0-4 suffer in barnabu against him barcelona and has served for a couple of selections”to reflect“Madrid needed to win and breathe in Galicia. Three points to calm league nerves, Sevilla and Barra to keep to a minimum nine points And to catch the face of inertia Stamford BridgeBig Spring Quotes.

There was a surprise on the bench, but not in the lineup. Carlo Ancelotti He stayed in the capital to recover from his positive in Covid-19 and his son Davidassistant coach, also led the campaign, although he did not have UEFA Pro License Couldn’t instruct on the band. on the grass, with an orthodox eleven, Casemiro, Modric and Croso in midfield and with Lucas Vazquez And marco asensio on the right band. Madrid’s coaching staff didn’t want to start inventing in the middle of a fight, preferring to survive with what they were wearing, which took them through thick and thin on the verge of the championship.

But this team, these eleven in total, without the youth camavinga, valverde or RodrigoThey are not going through their best moments. So I suffered in Galicia. Celtic, starting with the prospect of being the hero at the end of the season, proposed a two-way match that gave non-stop chances during the first half. oh they appeared Dieture and above all, Thibaut Courtois,

Iago AspasA logical Astronomical leader, after three minutes it was about to make it 1–0, but Alaba cleared his shot. Karim Benzema, a clear Madridist guide, was able to score in the eighth, but his header hit the edge of the net. On the 13th, Courtois made his first major save of the afternoon by sending a missile Denis Surezo, two minutes later, vinicius He responded with a forceful throw that Dituro deflected. A tennis match which is on 17th a. was decided by Nolito’s Minimum Errorwho brought down military Inside the area when he was about to shoot. Benzema did not forgive from eleven meters and scored his own target number 23 It’s from the weather. The French, absent against Barra, was once again the decider.

0-1 didn’t stop Celta, but Courtois did. Belgium made a popcorn that could be ‘The Stop of the League’. Lucas gave a bad pass, cross dropped Dennis on the edge of the field, blade I went the distance and shot courtois right arm So that when Baladas is already singing the tie he flies off and clears the ball.

Zamora’s flight out of the championship tore the sky-blue wings and woke Madrid, who stopped the game, dominated and slept the game long enough not to suffer. Ancelotti’s men were satisfied, probably much more than the match in Vigo about an hour before them, and they gave Vigo time to fly.

Gallardo’s rejected goal

galhardo Courtois led a cross from Nolito to the post and Aspas, who was offside, prevented Alaba from clearing the ball when it went to Madrid’s goalkeeper. VAR warns gonzalez strong And it canceled the equalization goal. Anger in the Galician parish, who went to rest to seek revenge.

Breaks in constant deep sleep did not help Madrid. Four minutes into the intermission, a quick transition by Celta caught the Merengue defense off guard, split in two, and ended with Nolito in the small field of Courtois. a defensive disaster What the Chamartan team was experiencing, unsuitable for the competitive moment.

Ancelotti reacted by completely changing his response right winggiving input Carvajal and Rodrigo, more sharp than Asensio. In his first intervention, the Brazilian striker was brought down by Murillo and thumped by González Fuertes. second half of the afternoon To the dismay of the stand. Benzema placed the ball eleven meters and shot to the right of Dituro, who struck his idea and saved his fourth penalty of the season, the statistical leader in the league in this section.

three penalties

Five minutes later and not as aggressive as the duel with Madrid, Mendy gets a center, gains control, cuts Kevin and ends up on the ground After hitting a sky blue defender. hard, the referee patted Galician Third Penalty, perhaps the most ‘short pun’ of all. VAR, being an interpretation of gonzalez strongcould not intervene. Benzema has Dituro. repeat intentions on the right side of and write your 24 goals of the season, A 1-2 and A hat-trick of maximum penalties That it angered Celta, the team and its stands, and that Madrid did not do justice to what they had to offer at Balados.

Ancelotti’s team leaves Vigo more leadersSurviving one of the most complicated journeys in the final stages of the season and waiting for the Twelve Points barcelona-seville This Sunday, but with terrible feelings on the way to London. The attack had one of his worst games, caught with a midfield that didn’t produce football and with an attack, Vinicius included, he was too indifferent. Benzema, recovering from his injury, was at his best in and out of the fielda constant that doesn’t seem like enough to aspire Champions League Semi-Finals and live comfortably last league day,

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