Home Sport Celta and Villarreal tie errors in Balados | LaLiga Santander 2021

Celta and Villarreal tie errors in Balados | LaLiga Santander 2021

 Celta and Villarreal tie errors in Balados |  LaLiga Santander 2021

LaLiga Santander 2021 – 2022

Two failures of their goalkeepers, Dituro and Rulli, mark a duel in which the yellows went ahead and were able to sentence

Aspas and Pau chase the ball.SALVADOR SASEFE

A bad afternoon of their goalkeepers marked the tie between Celtic and Villarreal in Balados [1-1, narracin y estadsticas]. To the error of Hard that allowed the yellow ones to go ahead, he replied Rulli with which he left the yellows without the one who made it look like his first away win in this league. Unai Emery’s team had plenty of chances to achieve it but their lack of effectiveness against Celta’s redeemed Argentine goalkeeper left a crack open through which Coudet’s team ended up sneaking in to scratch a point with Brais Mndez’s goal.

Without Capoue, Danjuma and Paco Alccer, goes down all of them due to physical problems, and with Yeremy starting on the bench, Emery He made a virtue of necessity and put together an eleven with which he took control of the situation almost from the beginning. Celta’s spirited departure, with a deflected shot from Mina included, faded as soon as the Castellón players got down to business. In the absence of extremes, the Basque coach resorted to that double winger that he likes so much and he did it, in addition, on both bands, placing Pea and Alberto Moreno ahead of Foyth and Pedraza, respectively. Four footballers who played an important role when attacking a Celtic who continues to show significant deficiencies in both areas.

The men of Coudet they were barely able to exploit the undeniable talent they have upstairs with footballers like Denis Surez, Brais, Nolito, Mina and Aspas, well tied by the solvent yellow defense. The most dangerous action of the Galicians in the first half was signed by the side Javi Galn with a center that crashed in the squad.

Celta’s defense was not much finer, as was evident in the action that allowed Villarreal to get ahead. Up to three times he bounced a ball hanging in the area from head to head until Dituro tried to catch it with hands so soft that it slipped away to fall at the feet of Parejo, who sent quickly to the center for the shot at his pleasure. Alberto Moreno.

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Far from spurring him on, the goal upset Coudet’s team, which could have gone into halftime with a fat problem. Without needing to dominate, Villarreal was capable of generating danger every time it reached the Vigo area. Had an unbeatable occasion Trigueros, almost turned into a second point, but a consignment from Pedraza did not reach almost on the line. Again the Talaverano and also Dia were able to extend distances but did not define well in their heads-up with Dituro, who redeemed himself from his mistake in the goal by keeping his team in the game. The Argentine goalkeeper did it again in the second half, blocking another shot from Trigueros after a loss by Fran Beltrn.

Coudet moved the bench at half-time giving Arajo and Galhardo. The Brazilian striker gave the Galician attack a bit more freshness, although Villarreal had another chance before in Trigueros boots, who again ran into another good intervention from Dituro. Emery’s team had had more than enough chances to sentence but his lack of accuracy in the definition left the game open and Celta ended up taking advantage of it.

The goal vigus came in another unfortunate action by the goalkeeper, in this case a Gero Rulli whose clearance after a long shot and without too much danger of Fran beltrn was left dead in the area. Brais was faster than anyone to pick it up and send it to the net. The draw spurred Celta, who stroked the comeback just a minute later in their best combination of the entire match. He received Galhardo in the area and stopped to heel for Aspas, whose shot went brushing the post. However, Coudet’s team did not know how to stretch that inertia and no longer moved from the scoreboard a tie that does not serve much to either of them.

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