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Ceferin: “Real Madrid said they would only survive with the Super League and tried to sign Mbapp for 180 million”


The UEFA president redoubled his assaults on Actual Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus, stated he wouldn’t thoughts in the event that they left UEFA and known as their respective managers “incompetent”.

Aleksander Ceferin, earlier than a match.REUTERS

The President of UEFA, Aleksander ceferin, He attacked Actual Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventus once more for his or her dedication to the Tremendous League and warned that he doesn’t care “at all” in the event that they separate from UEFA and likewise sarcastically concerning the phrases of Florentino Prez through which he stated that they’ll solely “survive” with this new venture after which attempt to signal Kylian Mbapp for 180 million euros.

“I don’t care at all if they split up. What I find quite funny is that they want to leave and at the same time have signed up for the new season of the Champions League.. They cannot play in our competition and then start their own, “Ceferin careworn in an interview with the German newspaper.Der sppiegel‘.

On this sense, he regretted that he learn that these three golf equipment are “paying pressure groups” to discredit UEFA by influencing “journalists and politicians”. “That’s crazy,” he asserted. And when he realized of those doable practices, he contacted a high-ranking member of the European Union Fee. “He replied that they must be really stupid if they thought they could pay people to change opinions,” he careworn.

Requested concerning the insistence on his concept of ‚Äč‚Äčthese three golf equipment, the Slovenian believes that it will likely be essential to ask them “directly” and was vital once more. “Some clubs simply have incompetent bosses. They complain that the salaries are too high, but who signed those contracts? Not me, “he warned.

“Real Madrid also complained that the club could only survive if there was a Super League and now it has tried to buy Kylian Mbapp for 180 million euros. Maybe it was good that everything happened the way it did. The fans have taught these people a lesson, “added the president.

Al-Khelaifi’s help

Ceferin was clear in saying that if the twelve groups that originally signed the Tremendous League “left the Champions League, the tournament would continue to exist.” “Yes, it would be smaller and there would be less money to distribute,” he identified. “But what is really the problem with these Super League clubs? They will have the income that we offer them, with the difference that we share the money with everyone. UEFA redistributes 93.5 percent of all revenue again. All other agencies will keep at least 10 percent to themselves.. These people have tried to kill football, “he stated.

Lastly, I discarded that Nasser Al-Khelafi, president of the French Paris Saint-Germain, has been the nice beneficiary of this disaster. “Personally, Al-Khelafi has not benefited much, football won because he supported us,” he remarked. “I was impressed that he supported us in that way. The prevailing public opinion was that the nouveau riche club owners wanted the Super League, but it turned out that it was mainly three European club presidents who attacked us. And one non-European club president stuck with it. loyal to us, together with Bayern Mnich and Borussia Dortmund “, zanj.