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Cdiz bitter for a discreet Seville | LaLiga Santander 2021

Cdiz bitter for a discreet Seville |  LaLiga Santander 2021

En-Nesyri put Lopetegui’s team forward, but Lucas Prez equalized with Yellow, who he believed would remain.

Oliver Torres tries to control the ball against Pacha Espino.AFP
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Sevilla and Cádiz tied in an Andalusian duel (1–1) leaving Cádiz, who maintains a belief in permanence and embarrassment of the Sevilla players, who were frustrated and in their fight with a very intelligent and uncertain game. Slow seemed to have cemented a place in the Champions League. [Narracin y estadsticas]

Moroccan striker Yusuf N-NesiriAt 7 minutes, the locals put forward, although the Cadiz men responded well and equalized the prize for their best game in the second half with a great goal from a straight free kick. Lucas Perezwho skillfully threw the ball into the right corner of deeply concerned After a loss and after a foul committed Joan Jordan,

The game started with a lot of rhythm, with Sevilla focusing on the attack and Cádiz being more conservative, albeit without abandoning the attack. However, Seville’s men were soon going to capitalize on their apparent superiority, in ball capture and attacking action, with En-Nesiri taking the lead after 7 minutes with 1–0.

The Moroccan striker, who thus ended his seven-month streak without scoring—he had not done so against Espanyol since 25 September—, led a goal from a corner taken by the Croatian. Ivan Rakitic getting the position Luis Hernandez,

The first half was red and white, as Sevilla had two more chances to score in two separate shots. lick itOne to try to surprise from a straight corner and the other from a very difficult angle, but the Argentine goalkeeper conan ledesma I solved both tasks perfectly.

step forward

Cádiz, however, did not hold back after conceding the goal, on the contrary, as they went ahead and dominated the last 20 minutes of the first half, with a chance from the Danish. johnson, blocked by Rakitic; from joseph maricin a shot that deflected from the head Kaund, And, notably, at the stroke of half an hour by Lucas Prez, although a save by Moroccan Yasin Bono blocked the goal.

The same pattern was followed upon restart, but the team Sergio Gonzalez He took a step forward in the face of Sevilla’s nervousness and was now the one who weighed the match with more ambition and more aggressive plays, unlike the start of the first half.

Sergio’s bet caused many problems for an obscene Sevilla, without the ideas or depth to pose a real threat. Cádiz was the protagonist of the second half that he dominated and in which he left the people of Lopetegui feeling powerless, unable to dominate a more intense and sharp opponent. This resulted in a 1–1 victory with a brilliant goal from Lucas Prez in the 66th minute, an impeccable and brilliant shot that hit the crossbar before Bono went into the goal.

On the opposite side, Sevilla, very erratic, panicked behind and were powerless to reverse the situation in a game in which control was completely evaded, attacking desperately in the final minutes, but without success, as did Brazil’s. Diego Carlos had two separate attempts. of An-Nessery in 1979 and 1988.

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