Caudet summons Santi Mina, accused of sexual assault, to a duel against Madrid: “We are innocent until justice says otherwise”. LaLiga Santander 2021

 Caudet summons Santi Mina, accused of sexual assault, to a duel against Madrid:

The striker has been on the list at the Celta coach, who was tried this week for alleged sexual abuse of a girl, for which he is being sentenced to eight years in prison. “He’s an important player and that’s why he’s in the team”

Shanti Meena during the hearing.Charles BeardEFE
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the coach Celtic RC, edward caudateinsisted that “all we are innocent unless justice says otherwise”, alluding to the judicial process Almera. provincial court of into which the celestial football player is immersed centi minwhat they ask for eight years in prison as the alleged author of sexual assault offense For a woman in June 2017 stocker (Almera).

“Who can judge a person… We are all innocent unless justice says otherwise. Social networks have coaches, judges, politicians… so I don’t have one,” Coudet continued. Said about other possible “tests”. in social networks and in Balados Stadium, ,Peace is going to be another until the court’s decisionIt is logical,” he said.

At a press conference ahead of this Saturday’s match (6:30 pm) against Real Madrid, the Argentine coach confirmed the presence of Mina, who has not trained with his teammates this Friday. ,I talked to him to know how he is And when we meet, let’s talk about something else. He is an important player and that is why he is in the call”, settled.

Prosecutor sees “accumulation of evidence” of alleged aggression

The prosecutor in the case had yesterday assured the court that “A bunch of “evidence”, a waterfall”“which proves that Meena may have committed the acts for which she is being prosecuted and maintains the request eight years in prison for him as an alleged perpetrator of the offense of sexual assault.

“Honestly, it is difficult for me to understand that, with all these elements, it can be thought that these events did not occur, How can it be clarified that the victim is lying?And I can’t understand how to be acquitted in this case,” he said during the oral hearing against Meena and fellow football player David Golder, who sit on the bench only for personal charges, as required by the cooperative. Is.

Before the courtroom, prosecutor Miguel Blasco indicated that, a one-time appearance Shanti Meena’s DNA in gynecological examinationIt remains only to establish whether, in the early hours of 16 June 2019Inside a tourist van parked near a nightclub in stocker (Almera), “physical access” occurred “with full consent or without consent,

,violence took placeNot only because of the lack of consent, which was not tacit but expressed, but also because the defendant acted in an absolutely surprising, unexpected, unexpected way”, he remarked, then wondering “what more violent than doing is some kind of action” and concluded that there was “clear threat“Because the supposed invasion took place in one place”only two square meters And in the presence of two young, athletic men.”

Furthermore, he has pointed out “disqualification“The version given by the defendants throughout the proceedings about what happened and considered that its “lack of credibility”” comes from the conclusion that it does not fit with the objective sequence of events. He commented that this result”indisputable“that the victim left the nightclub “in voluntary decision” with only one defendant to have sex” – for David Golder – and has said it is not a “signal”, but a “certainty of what”I did not expressly or tacitly agree to do so with respondent Shanti Meena”.

“It is an unusual fact that, astonishingly and, as has been accepted by all parties, in his undergarments, he appeared to stand in the van, unless he was premeditated to do an act which is not proper.” ,” They said. ,You don’t have to go far to find what you want.“, he pointed out.

The prosecutor specified that, if this was not “sufficient evidence of the charge”, one of the witnesses, a friend of the complainant and “immediately annoyed” by what he told her, declared in court that they went to accuse Meena. Goulder and he replied that “they had tried, but it did not flow”.

Regarding the forensic experts of Almera’s IML, he insists that they indicate “The injuries fit the story perfectly.” of the victim and although “they are not conclusive, they add facts to a cascade of truth-telling elements”, while at the same time emphasizing that the complainant “continues to go to therapy and his appointments with psychologists”. Has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, which is “not specific to the person lying or lying”.

The prosecutor’s office, after some specific revisions to the account of events launched this Thursday, adds that he entered “in his underpants” and “suffocated with a libido feeling to satisfy his sexual appetite and vice versa.” irrespective of the expression of his”, she would have addressed him by saying: ‘Look, girl, I really like you and I think we should do something.’

When the woman replied that she went to the caravan “with David”, the document stated that the defendant would have gone out “for a minute” to return and after telling him that “he would have liked it very much”. is”, allegedly carried out the sexual assault in a “surprising, unexpected and unexpected” manner.

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