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Carrasco’s Maturity: Being the Father He Never Had, Milan’s Shadow and His Redemption on Punishment | LaLiga Santander 2021

Carrasco's Maturity: Being the Father He Never Had, Milan's Shadow and His Redemption on Punishment |  LaLiga Santander 2021

Elche – Atlético (9:30 pm)

The Belgian footballer has scored the last three goals for Atlético in his last five league matches. Against Espanyol and Real Madrid, he scored his first penalty goal as Rogiblanco.

Yannick celebrates his goal in the Carrasco Derby.Gabriel BoysAFP
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Fatherhood is an illusion for anyone. But it goes further in the case of Yannick Carrasco (Eccles, 1993). In an interview with RTBF (radio television) the Belgian footballer was honest a few weeks ago, “It’s hard to predict, but trying to be a current father. I’ve had bad luck, so I want it to be my son.” be apart.” Belga de Belga) French Community). In a few months, your life will take a new turning point and, perhaps, part of those good vibrations are showing their reflection on the grass. His determination in Sunday’s derby was further proof.

And that 2022 started with a surprise. With a truth that has been kept under lock and key since 2016. A revelation that didn’t leave her in a very good place in front of red and white fans. About an excerpt from the documentary Diego Pablo Simeon‘Live game by game’, his former teammates Juanfran Torres revealed why he took the fifth penalty in the round of the Champions League final in Milan: “It was Carrasco’s turn and Yannick didn’t want to shoot it. We are missing another such … nobody said anything And I said: I’ll shoot it”. The Belgian, scorer and rebel at the San Siro, had never tried his luck with Atletico from that distance.

Six years have passed since the evening of April 17th, not even a month has passed. Atletico were tied at one with Espanyol and, already in extra time, the ball hit his hand after a corner kick, which he had launched himself Tom’s Roll, After a few endless seconds of checking the screen, the referee signaled the penalty. And Yanik, as if nothing had happened, caught the ball in the first 100th minute and taunted Diego Lopez To complete your double. Also, turning 29, to mark his first maximum penalty as a Rosiblanco. His pulse did not tremble. Perhaps it was a kind of personal revenge for what happened in Milan, when he was only 23 years old.

His second penalty was imposed last Sunday and with it he signed the first derby won by Atlético in the Metropolitano. It was his second consecutive success from a distance. He had failed in 2017 on the grass of El Sadr, his only attempt. That afternoon, against Osasuna, he already had a brace in his bag and was looking for a hat-trick. For the second time on Sunday, he stepped forward when the team needed him. In two extreme situations which he resolved with affinity. The team’s last three goals are in his name. They have been the key points for his team to seal tonight at Elche, its tenth consecutive qualification to the Champions League.

“Simeon saw that he had changed”

“It’s important to us, especially when he’s at this pace of the offensive and defensive play. He had the personality on the penalty spot and we need him that way,” he praised after the derby. simone, which gave him his last push in the summer of 2015, with a phone call that would prompt him to move from Monaco to Madrid. One more thing, it will reopen the door of his return in December 2019, after his overseas adventure in China. “We talked and he saw in the conversation that I had matured. He felt I was prepared mentally and physically. He trusted me because he knew me, and when he talked to me he saw that I had changed,” he admitted in October. , during an interview with EL Mundo.

This route is viewed as one lane from both the sides. He has six goals and six assists and his gestures on the field are reminiscent of the Carrasco for whom half of Europe sighed in 2017. His contract expires in 2024 and his clause is 100 million. israel is Pini Zahvikintermediary in signing Neymar by PSG, which guides their course. Although his name was linked to Newcastle, where his former teammate has been playing since Jan. tripperHe, for the moment, seems convinced that his place lies with Simeon.

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