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Carlos Alcaraz defeated Harcás and played his first Masters 1000 final against Rudz

Carlos Alcaraz defeated Harcás and played his first Masters 1000 final against Rudz

Pol 7-6(5) and 7-6(2). No Spaniard has been able to win this title in the men’s box.

Alkaraj celebrates a point against Harkaz.Eric S LesserEFE

one of two Hubert HerkaszCup defenders were able to hunt down the great sporting phenomenon of the time. Carlos Alcarazu Play his first Masters 1000 final on Sunday in Miami after beating Pole 7-6(5) and 7-6(2) in two hours and two minutes. waiting for you casper ruddsixth seed and a budding person in a dispute of such magnitude, that he has liquidated francisco serandulo From 6-4 and 6-1. Harkaz’s serve was not enough, he was also presented, as have been 17 of Alcaraz’s 19 rivals this season. Champion in Rio de Janeiro and a semi-finalist at Indian Wells, he takes a qualitative leap forward in his captivating future.

four Spaniards, Sergi Bruguera, Carlos Moy,David Ferrer And Rafael Nadal, This five times, they have played the men’s final in Miami, but none of them have been able to win it. yes i got it twice Arantxa Sanchez Vicario, Alcaraz, who knows how to solve matches while not at his best, is said to do so against Rood, an opponent he defeated 6-4 and 6-2 in the Marbella quarterfinals last year , when he didn’t still gave the match. huge stretch

16-seeded Alkaraj stunned in the semi-final match with a veteran’s authority. He knew how to wait his moment against eighth favorite Vishal Harkaz, whom he dropped in two tie break, an area where, given its characteristics, he usually feels particularly comfortable. The 1.96-metre-tall Wroclaw has synthetic tennis, largely dependent on the serve with which it has played 13 pairs aces, The surprise winner of the tournament last year, in an edition marked by absence, with the world still in the grip of the pandemic, is a good competitor on sharp surfaces, where he has won four of his titles. In 2021 he was a Wimbledon semifinalist, after hitting 6–0 Roger Federer in rooms.

patient and firm

Players like him can become a headache on fast courts. was defeated Daniil Medvedev He put a high price on his serve, with many variations, in the quarter-finals and against a grim, determined, patient Alcarz awaiting any lapses in his opponent’s best logic. The first crash, in the eighth game, was resolved by the Spaniard with his customary spec, a right-to-left shot.Vishal’s reach.

After intense game against myomirokekmanovicto tennis playerPalmar seemed to lack some spark, as if thoughts were not flowing as usual and his feet were sometimes slow to respond. However, he also had two break opportunities, which Pole resolved in the tenth game with a straight serve and a right cross.

5–6 down, and with 30–0, Alcaraz asked to repeat a point that the chair umpire had awarded him when he guessed that the ball answered by Hárkaz had bounced twice when it had not. all detailsTo the kid, who won the game and took the tiebreaker thanks to a return to feet when he climbed the pole net with the second serve. Rackets against the floor and logical signs of frustration. It was the first tiebreaker that he lost out of three disputed in this edition of the tournament.

The second set followed the same parameters. Alcaraz was able to strike an almost certain blow if he had made a break option profitable in the second game, but it was he who had to save two at a delicate moment bordering on a new tiebreaker. Once there, in an unfavorable position, he again made Hurquez shy, uncertain with authority throughout the match. “This victory is yours. gambler“, he did calligraphy on camera this time with his coach, who has just lost his father, always present.

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