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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Carlos Alcaraz also submitted to Casper Rudd and became the youngest ever Miami champion.

He won 7-5 and 6-4, and won his first Masters 1,000, the fourth of his career. From this Monday, he will come at number 11 in the world. He is the third earliest winner in a tournament in this category, behind Chang and Nadal.

Alkraj celebrates a point against Rood.Eric S LesserEFE
  • opinion Carlos Alcarz: a greatness that cannot be hidden

It would be better to ration the adjectives, to be praised, to undermine the hyperbolic character of the story. Not because the child no longer deserves it, but because the repeated opportunities are certainly perceived as of greater magnitude, which characterizes his or her adventures. Miami Bus is a one-of-a-kind station. And with that everything is said. Carlos Alcarazu was imposed on casper rudd 7-5 and 6-4, in one hour and 52 minutes, to become the youngest winner of this Masters 1000 Novak Djokovik, who won his first of 37 titles in the category there in 2007 at the age of 19. It is also the first in this tournament status, after Michael Chang and Nadal. [Narracin y estadsticas]

The 18-year-old Spaniard overcame his opponent’s initial push and won the most important career victory that suggests immeasurable heights. Last year’s winner of the ATP 250 in Umag and the season-opening champion of the ATP 500 in Rio de Janeiro, he already has his first Masters 1000. Rudd was another victim of this young man, whom he only Matteo Berrettiniin the third round of the Australian Open, and Rafael NadalIndian Wells has defeated him this season in the semi-finals. Mercian will appear as number 11 in the world this Monday.

No Spaniard had won the tournament in the men’s section. they stood in the final Sergio Bruguera, Charles Moy, David Ferrer And Nadal, this one to five times. Supported in the final match by his coach, John Charles Ferrerowho apparently traveled after not appearing in previous matches due to the sudden death of his father, edwardAlkaraj ended that negative streak and completed another formidable tournament, winning among others, Stephanos Tsitsipasnumber five in the world, and Hubert Herkasztitle keeper.

a growing rival

Five years older than Alcaraz, sixth-seeded Rudd, who trained at Nadal’s academy, already has seven ATP titles, all of which are minor, but they speak of a good competitor, who will be able to reach the semi-finals of the ATP Finals in 2021. is enabled. first participation. This year they won in Buenos Aires, later to show that we are not just working with a soil specialist, but with someone in full development, very capable of taking the initiative, as they finalized was shown in the beginning.

The Spaniard was slow to find his place, perhaps unfazed by the good deed of a player he had easily defeated in the quarter-finals of the ATP 250 in Marbella last year. It escaped from the scoreboard and, when coming back 40–0, scored a ball to recover a lost serve in the fifth game, it made a bad decision by selecting a dropshot, which remained in the net. S took the next train, placed 3-4 and service already in a response, which would not accept turning back.

It was difficult for Alcaraz to take a more practical route. The abuse of the drop shot, with four losing out of six attempts, delayed the first set. There is a hedonistic component to his game without which we would not be talking about the champion that he is, a boy with tremendous power of seduction, a lover of risk, who personifies the festive nature of the game. It was like this, after slips were corrected, that he ended up getting the set, as far as the Norwegian’s resistance went.

Alkraj fled like a bull in seconds. Roode showed signs of surrender, being physically touched and with two lost serves, but one of them recovered. brake and received attention from a physical therapist on a stiff shoulder. The Spaniard was not one to hesitate, having successfully managed his lead and finished with a drop shot.

The boy who humiliatedly won the Junior ATP Finals at the end of last year has taken the whole world by surprise. From now on no one can argue with him on being the most favorite in any tournament he has played. I will be in Monte Carlo from the 10th. Even if Nadal plays the 11-time champion, he has to take care of everything. With the southpaw absent, injured, and even the expected reappearance of Djokovic, Charlie, More than ready for the next adventure.

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