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Carlos Alcaraz, a genius among us: “I don’t want to set limits”

Carlos Alcaraz, a genius among us: "I don't want to set limits"

  • chronicle Alcaraz liquidates Carreo, wins its third title of the year and ends a huge Sunday

Shortly after the end of the game, while waiting to return to the track for the awards ceremony, Carlos Alcarazu You pablo carreno Sitting on the same bench, they started talking quietly, as if nothing had happened. Mercian had turned the final into little more than a formality after beating his friend and training partner 6-3, 6-2 in an hour and five minutes.

Already in the stands, adorned with decorations, congratulations and applause, the champion of the Count of Godo began his speech with sincere words of gratitude to Carino’s team, which in a way also belongs to them. There was no sign of deception when addressing Pablo’s coach, Samuel LopezJoe held his corner for several games in Miami due to the absence of John Charles Ferrero Due to the sudden death of the father.

Carlos Alcaraz offered a master class on the purest essence of the sport in Barcelona on Sunday. After a very difficult semi-final match against Alex de Minoriin which he saved two match pointsAfter three hours and 39 minutes with more than three hours of respite, they needed to get rid of the exemplary Australian player, Real Club de Tennis Barcelona central defender Rafa Nadal, returned to the court to play in the final against an opponent, who, despite being 12 years old, came in with two hours of rest, thanks to his comfortable win against Diego Schwarzman In the second semi-final, simultaneously disputed by a script imposed by the weather, Barcelona rebelled throughout the week.

Alcaraz with Ferrero after winning Godo.EFE

An Olympic bronze medalist at the previous Tokyo Games, winner of six ATP titles and a double semifinalist at the United States Open, Careno had just defeated casper ruddA proven player on clay and seeded second, against whom he survived two match points in rooms. He also wore an incomparable Vitola after surviving nearly six hours, earning him a top four spot with consecutive victories. sonego and Rudd.

Alcarz, thus, was not up against a second-rate opponent, but his strength is such that, having secured the first break in the fifth game, with neither of the heroes scoring a single point on the rest, he ruthlessly reduced right. Asturian, who was reborn after a difficult period due to injuries, had little to do with dedication, taking more risks and staying in the game.

Alcaraz’s semi-finals at Indian Wells and their victory in Miami were followed by an unexpected defeat against them. Sebastian Korda on his debut at Monte Carlo and on the start of a hesitation against kwon In counting Godo. It can be thought that the boy, who had previously been champion at the ATP 500 in Rio de Janeiro, had stalled. Any doubts should be resolved after last Friday’s magic night, when he lost for the third time. Stephanos Tsitsipas, who recently defended the title in Monte Carlo. that night, after the defeat of Cameron NorrieAlcaraz crossed another hurdle by breaking into the top ten this Monday (comes out No. 9), without turning 19 yet.

“I want to continue enjoying”

“You put limits on yourself, and I don’t want to put any limits on myself. I want to continue to play at the level I’m playing at, because if I demonstrate that level, I can have tournaments.” There are many options to win and the best. I want to continue to enjoy myself on the court, but I still don’t want to touch the roof”, assured Alcaraz after his win at Godo.

In his accelerated learning process, he has faced a special week. He was one of the favorites for the first time as hosts and also suffered serious competitive disturbances due to rain for the first time, playing two games on Friday, when he defeated James Munari Before the great duel with Tsitsipas, as in the huge finale on Sunday.

Lonely Rafael NadalJoe Matua is finishing his recovery to try to get back down the slopes at the Madrid Open, and Andrew RublevWho gave himself the pleasure of scoring 6-0 in the third set Novak Djokovik In the final in Belgrade, they have won as many titles this season as Alcaraz.

For him, for Spanish tennis and for the sport in general, the best part is that his story has hardly begun. After being offered a double exhibition in Barcelona on Sunday, the bomb-proof tenacity to defend his place in the final and the adequacy with which he held himself to take over from 12-time champion Rafael Nadal of the tournament, The track on which he bears his name, with a Masters 1000 and two ATP 500s in his backpack, in addition to the ATP 250, with which he inaugurated his senior record last summer at Umag, once again showed his magnetism to fans. The latter is, if possible, more candidates for everything. His image in the traditional bathhouse in the pool of Real Club de Tennis Barcelona, ​​to which he invited Juan Carlos Ferrero, also belongs to a new time, another step towards revolution.

“My father and my grandfather, like all my team, have always told me that finals are not played, they are won. That’s what I did today, thinking all the time that we had to go for it and that we were the end. going to win,” he explained. “I’ve always been a normal village boy. Fame doesn’t scare me. I’ll be the way I’ve always been. Not because people recognize me more, I’m going to change the way I am. I feel like a sportsman.” I do who can win, people it encourages me, but when I return home I am just a normal guy,” he confessed in statements collected by Efe.

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