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‘Carlomagno’ Ancelotti’s Fifth Victory: Change and “An Illusion” from the Bench of David and a Family, 2013 | LaLiga Santander 2021

'Carlomagno' Ancelotti's Fifth Victory: Change and "An Illusion" from the Bench of David and a Family, 2013 |  LaLiga Santander 2021

Italy, England, France, Germany and now Spain: Italy, England, France, Germany and now Spain are the first coaches to win five major leagues in Europe.

Ancelotti during the match against Espanyol.Gabriel BoysAFP
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,caraletto With the possible exception of never going out of line when he’s eating, because once he sits down and grabs a knife and a forkYou’ll need an exorcist to stop this.” Maybe with these words paolo maldini in ‘the beautiful game‘, the biographical book of Carlo Ancelotti, understood to be part of that eternal stillness of the Italian coach, broken only by a raised eyebrow, the only sign of despair in a coach guided by pause, reflection and above all, joy. The happiness of a man who has reached the top of his benches 62 years old18 years after winning his first a seriesCompleting the circle of major leagues with Spanish Championship No. 35 Of real madrid,

Italy in 2004, England in 2010, France in 2013, Germany in 2017 and Spain in 2022. No one had ever won the five biggest domestic tournaments on the continent. Until now. the final victory ofcharlemagne‘ comes after going down to european mudTo leave the absolute elite to flirt with the middle class Naples and EvertonAnd taking his philosophy to the limit in his second leg in Madrid: listen to the playershave mood and believe heavy loads A backbone that has squeezed out some of its last soccer remains to replace Ancelotti coaches of coaches,

happiness without a whip

And here we go back in joy. The delight of those who did not hesitate for a moment to accept Madrid’s offer when he worked at Unglamorous Goodison Park, The joy of those who have not voiced their voices because of the White House’s forced overthrow, such as the signing of Antony Pintashead of a physical preparation 2014 and 2015, The happiness of those who want to integrate and do not want to isolate the problems is expressed in the small commitment of Gareth Baleinjuries of Eden Hazard or the last month of the contract Marcelo and Isco, For him caraletto Glad there is no problem, just joy for an unexpected opportunity.

“I i don’t use whips, I never did. I treat players like adults. I am not a father, but I am a friend and psychologist”, he warned in his first press conference as Madrid coach in the summer of 2013. And over the months he has insisted on the same principle that turned out to be almost true in his first leg. Some difference between 2014, 2015 And this season. This is Carlo”, admit those who know him best. In those two seasons the team competed until spring, winning LA. tenth And a cup, but the league ended without blowers or luck. This time, pintas and low levels Barcelona and Atletico Through, have achieved the title in time to celebrate.

Description of a champion bench

the only thing that’s changed a bit since then 2013 It is the technical body that surrounds it and the roles it plays. a working group that began to take shape Munichwhere his son David He rose to the rank of chief assistant (in Madrid he was assistant to the physical trainer and was the second Paul Clement) from there it is increasing along the continuum of Francesco Mauriwho was already in the first stage under the orders of his father johnand arrival npoles of analyst simone montanaro, The two landed at Ancelotti, Montanaro and Mauri. valdebebas from Everton. under everyone’s supervision madridwho are adamant to be hired pintas On the return of Luis Lopis to physical preparation and to train goalkeepers. Together they form a core that serves as the basis for management decisions. caralettoWith David, after clearing the nepotism dispute, settled in advisor and confidant status, Ancelotti always looks for him at every celebration. “David is part of the team,” acknowledges his surroundings, denying that the son has a special role.

,David is flexible, capable, serious, professional, calm…” Ancelotti said Friday briefly, sometimes passionately. “It’s a complicated question. It’s not easy for me to talk about because I have a familial and emotional aspect too”, he admitted, before assessing his assistants: “Francesco Mauri also works with David. We should also highlight Luis in the physical aspect along with the goalkeeper, Antonio Pintas. This is a very young team. We well combine your enthusiasm with our experience, The fact that David is my son has helped show him that he is here because he is capable. He can be a very good coach.”

And more than returning to the aristocracy, there was a return to Spain and Madrid. Pursue a irrefutable important and professional opportunity For Carlo and his family, in which Spanish blood already runs. “It was a challenge, of course, but above all it was a big illusion“, they confess. beat the big leagues even more three championsthree European Super Cup You two club world cupsTransalpine has only small cups left, such as the French and German Cups, and the great stone it doesn’t want to face yet, the ultimate monster of the Bench video game: world Cup, Italy He screams for it.

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