Home Sport Cario goes to Khachanov and the medal is complicated

Cario goes to Khachanov and the medal is complicated

Cario goes to Khachanov and the medal is complicated

He loses against Russia and will have a tough fight for bronze against the loser of Djokovic-Zverev.

Cario in the match against Khachanov.tiziana fabyAFP
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It was accompanied by thunder and thunder in Tokyo, and a few miles away, at the Olympic Stadium, a wild storm was reported, but not a drop at Ariake Tennis Park. i was looking at the sky pablo cario Asking for water, a truce, something that would change everything, and there was no other way. Russian Karen Khachanovy punished him, punished him, punished him until he beats him (6-3 and 6-3) and knocked him out of the finals of the Olympic Games.

Now this Saturday the match between bronze medals will be played against the loser Novak Djokovic and Alexander ZverevA dark horizon indeed. In a very short time, barely an hour and 19 minutes away, the Spaniard’s path to the medal was turned by a highly motivated adversary, perhaps on the best day of his career.

It was game time, with no way out, when Carrio got his first break ball. Until then, Khachanov barely trembled from his service, very hard, always touching 200 km / h, a succession of aces. Furthermore, in the first set, the Russian, in a state of grace, missed practically nothing with his drive – four unforced errors – and got it right every time he went to the net to volley.

Cario, at a lower rate than in previous games, slower, more unsuccessful, I could hardly move him from the site and he only suffered. When that first break ball came, he had already missed the first set and that opportunity went as fast as it had come. Between exhaustion and sticky humidity, two tennis players slowed down in the final minutes, mired in tournament fatigue.

That was one of Cario’s arguments for victory: the tute that his opponent had. By the semi-finals, he had lost only one set to Croatian Marin Cilic, and Khachanov always had his matches decided in the end, but it didn’t matter. Lespole, perhaps overtook by the physical and mental exhaustion that it also meant defeating the Russians Daniil Medvedev, he fell within a step of the glory that seemed to be within his grasp.

Now, two rivals with whom he hasn’t had a good experience. Out of five clashes with Djokovic he won only once at the 2020 US Open, when the Serbian was disqualified for hitting a linesman and in two clashes, Zverev was never beaten.