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Camalen Bordals: change of ‘booklet’ to lock the goalkeeper of Valencia | LaLiga Santander 2021

 Camalen Bordals: change of 'booklet' to lock the goalkeeper of Valencia |  LaLiga Santander 2021

Valencia – Rayo Vallecano (16:15)

The team has conceded 20 goals and is the fourth most scored in the championship. The coach has given up his 4-4-2 to alleviate the fragility of the defense. Today he receives Rayo in Mestalla

Bordals gives instructions to his Valencia at the Reale Arena.EFE

“I have always identified the Valencia CF with a very defined DNA and recovering it is my goal. ” Jos Bordals He already imagined what his Valencia would be like as soon as he reached the bench, but it is difficult for him to see it on the field, so much so that he has had to modify his system, the booklet that he has managed his entire career, to find a way to achieve it.

That Valencian memory to which he appealed contemplates a solid and rough Valencia, which sustained the victories from the goalkeeper to zero because it turned the talent blows into definitive ones. Bordals wanted to walk there, with a classic 4-4-2 and the whole team focused on the pressure on the rival. The problems took only four days to appear. Valencia, after three victories and a draw, have chained six games without winning in which they only added one draw and received 15 goals. A bleeding that had to be plugged at the source.

Nobody imagined that a team with the stamp of Alicante would be the fourth most thrashed team of the competition. The collective intensity was failing and the effort required resulted in injuries: Cheryshev, Thierry, Soler, Gay and Paulista have been falling from the eleven. With a limited bench pool, Bordals decided to switch manuals. Making the team stronger was by placing five midfielders: a trivote (Guillamn-Wass-Racic or Soler) and two bands with a lot of offensive capacity (Helder Costa and Hugo Duro).

That change made Valencia wake up and gave him five points against Villarreal, Athletic and the Real society. DNA peeked out. “Keeping the goalkeeper at zero is something we must try in every game. You have to be strong defensively, which does not mean that the coach has a defensive mentality. The great teams of the big leagues are the ones that fit the least, not the ones that more they perform. It is always important to be strong defensively, it is not something that I say but it is the reality. We cannot afford the fragility that we have had in many games, “insisted the coach.

However, to refine the defense, the sacrifice has come in attack. The essential Guedes it has not had a point of reference and thus it is more difficult for the Portuguese to roam in freedom. He did not have it because of the injury to Maxi gmez, who could return to the Lightning today and cause the change again, although their numbers are not to have blind confidence. “He must be much longer than he is in the rival area. We have talked about it and he is intelligent and he has understood it.”

Still, Bordals would not give Iraola a clue about his plans. “We try to take the initiative and the weight, the drawing is the least important. It is a possibility to return to 4-4-2 or that we can repeat the one in the last games.”

“To win it is not enough to defend, you have to create a game and reach the rival goalkeeper. Valencia must be daring when they have the ball. You have to show the best version, run and work harder than a rival who leaves nothing, “he recalled.

El Rayo arrives at Mestalla without Ciss neither scar Trejo and with Falcao just recovered. They will not face Paulista, who has reported his muscular problems. In the atmosphere a new protest against Peter Lim will be found in minute 19, when thousands of yellow posters are expected to appear with the phrase ‘Lim go home‘(Lim go home).

Reference from elmundo