Caleb Dressel I of Tokyo, King of Olympus, Leader of a Country

The American swimmer achieved his goal, five gold, after winning 50 and saving the United States in the 4×100 relay, with another record. Emma McCann Leads Great Australians

Dressel, excited after relief.Karl RacineReuters

Their king at the Games is Caleb I of Tokyo. Few will have the opportunity to harvest Caleb Dressel, five gold, crowned with the heroism of the good American citizen in the final relay, which is true to ‘Kennedy’: ask yourself what you will do for your country. What can you do, and not the other way around. Dressel saved him when the United States left a trail of blood in the pool. He is the king and he is the leader.

mental bankruptcy Simone Biles, the game’s last broken toy, leaves the swimmer on top of Tokyo, without the track of the Olympic Stadium, initially offering a similar task. There are finally five golds for Dressel, since his victory in the 50 free. At the start of the last day at the Aquatic Center, he combined 4×100 styles in a third butterfly post in a strenuous manner, including, even, This was faster than the world record he had set the day before in the specialty (49.45). He did a partial in 49.03, although the values ​​are indicative, not identical, to even take the test to the world record (3:26.78). Somebody had to be inhuman to compensate for the benefit that the British had Adam Ptu The breaststroke was successful. He was.

So yeah, then the dressel got ripped off, like Michael Phelps in Beijing. He marked his muscles, released all his anger and let the beasts cry out for his strength, the eagles, the bears…, all in one roar, feeling like the cries of the forest.

Dressel’s five golds are two less than that of Phelps and two less than in Beijing 2008. mark spitz Munich in 1972, but this achievement of the swimmer in a biblical name rehabilitated swimming and allowed the United States to lead it in Tokyo, which was threatened by an outstanding Australian women’s team. Their 30 medals (11 gold), however, are fewer than either Ro or London (33 and 31, respectively). Australia is second with 20 and nine gold. Behind, a rehabilitated British swimming pool.

Dress and Valquiria of the Seas

Thus follows the story of the new Valkyries to come from Tokyo Dressel and Oceana. On the last day he added a third relay (4×100 style) to his button, in addition to winning a gold, another relay taken from North Americans. Emma McKeon, 50 for free. She is the queen of her team with seven medals and four golds. Compared to their work, because of their qualitative value, it can be assumed that what has been achieved Ariane Titmus, beating the great female reference in swimming, Katie Ledecky, 200 and 400 for free.

Dressel has answered everything he proposes, inaccessible in the sprint, where his debut and subcutaneous swim are half gold, both in the 50, where he won with 21.07, and in the 100, and powerful in the butterfly. This last feature has been the 100th highest competition and level test, with the American improving the world record in Tokyo with which he reached, not to mention his position in the final relay. pulse with hungarian Christophe Milaki, 21, predicts more duets on the way to Paris.

In the cycle that has come from RO to Tokyo, Dressel has been undeniable in speed. In 2016 he was the only reliever. A year later, at the 2017 World Cup in Budapest, he was already the best with seven golds. Next, in Gwangju, in 2019, six gold and two silver. What they shared only missed the title, Riley.

A Velocyst, different from Phelps

Due to his circumstances as a runner, Dressel would not be able to cover an event as Phelps does. It doesn’t fascinate you. For example, in Tokyo, I skipped 4×200. These four golds fill a swimmer who has been seen contented in Tokyo, where, moreover, he has served as captain with gestures that demonstrate his emotional intelligence. I gave the substitute reliever a free 4×100 gold and handcuffed non-conformist Milak with a brawl from one of Aquatic Center Pool’s great duets. ‘Fair Play’ marked the great pulses of the pool, unlike what happened in RO.

The future looks promising for Dressel, who at 24 is at a time of great sporting maturity. Also, personally, they have just got married. Very religious, this son of a farmer from the deep south with German ancestry, got the name of one of the people sent by Moses to explore the land of Canaan. Tokyo has found its own.