Home Sport Bruce Jenner, Olympic champion and transgender adoptive father of the Kardashians

Bruce Jenner, Olympic champion and transgender adoptive father of the Kardashians

Bruce Jenner, Olympic champion and transgender adoptive father of the Kardashians

Bruce Jenner celebrates his victory in Montreal ’76.AP

Decathlete participating in the competition on 30 July 1976 Montreal Games He was facing the second and final day of his strenuous exercise. Bruce Jenner, the world record holder (8,538 points) since last month tests The Olympic team finished third. 35 points separated it from the federal German guido kraschmer and 17 of the Soviet (Ukrainian) Mykola Avilovy, champion four years ago in Munich. But the modus operandi of the second day favored him and he agreed to his victory.

He was not wrong. When the competition ended, she was a gold medalist and improved her universal dominance, dropping it to 8,618 points. He was undoubtedly the most complete athlete in the world. He did 10.94 in the 100 meters; 7.22 in long jump; 15.35 in shot put; 2.03 in the high jump; 47.51 in 400 meters; 14.84 in the 110m hurdles; 50.04 on discus throw; 4.80 in pole vault; 68.52 in the javelin throw and 4:12.61 in the 1,500 meters.

Born in Tarrytown (New York), Jenner became a celebrity at the age of 26, 1.88 tall and weighing 88 kg. A physical goodness to his sporting quality which makes him recommended for other purposes. It was urgently needed and heavily paid for by the television industry. And his emotional life began to change at full speed and in different directions. They married in 1972 Christy Crownover. They separated to marry in 1981 Linda ThompsonMILF of ex girlfriend Elvis Presley. They got divorced in 1984.

In 1991 he married again, this time with chris kardashian (born Houghton), estranged Armenian-born lawyer and businessman robert kardashian, in which it would mean another turning point in its relationship with the entertainment business, particularly striking. Jenner had two daughters with him (raising his natural child to six, after two he conceived with each of his previous wives). And besides, she adopted the three that Kris had brought. And they were … “Kardashians”: Kourtney, Kim and Kloho, plus one boy: Rob.

But lo and behold, in all this passionate bustle, Bruce, that handsome man was actually… a woman. Or so he felt, because in 2015 he ended up changing his sex because in 2007 he decided to start a complete hormonal and surgical procedure. Today her name is Caitlin. He split from Chris in 2014.

He remains a television celebrity as a full member of the “Kardashian clan”, with all of his children being made part of “a unit of fortune in the family”. Caitlin, a transgender activist, wants to pursue a political career with the Republican Party and is a candidate in the recall elections in California. Special election to nullify governor’s mandate (or not, I’ll see) Gavin Newson And it will happen on September 14th.

An unconventional existence that belongs to Bruce-Caitlyn Jenner.