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Borja Mayoral: “Mourinho signed his strikers, spent a lot of money and went into the background” | LaLiga Santander 2021

The striker, on loan from Madrid to Getafe, returns to the Bernabeu in the middle of a league fight after not counting for Mourinho in Rome: imagine he scored and we win… I’m not going back the same , he jokes with el mundo

Mayoral, in training with Getafe.World
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When Getafe announced its legendary signing for the winter market, the Fuentabella neighborhood in Parla reclaimed one of its neighbors. Real Madrid broke Borja Mayoral’s loan at Roma (Parla, 1997) and the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez agreed to his loan to the club for six months. Second round for the striker to get excited about football again after Mourinho didn’t trust him after a stellar first season with the Italian team. At the age of 25 and with a contract at Chamartine until 2023, the young squad wants to prove themselves right at the Bernabeu: imagine he scored and we win… I’m not coming back, he’s the first EL Fun game with Mundo.

There are hardly 10 minutes between Getafe and Parla. After being on loan in Levante and Roma, how important is it to return home?
A lot, imagine… it always costs a little more when you’re out of your surroundings, your family and your friends. And more so if the football doesn’t go the way you expect. But here everything is going well, as expected, very happy at home and at Getafe.
His first year at Roma was very good, scoring 17 goals in all competitions. What happened to ending up on loan in Getafe?
He had a loan of two years. The first one went well, I put in good numbers, I liked it and I took a step forward, but with the new coach (Mourinho) coming this year I hardly have any minutes or opportunities. I had to find something, I like to play, I like to compete and the Getafe option came up, next to the house, and I didn’t hesitate. I think this was the perfect club for me.
Was Mourinho honest with you or did he let you down?
I expected there to be more opportunities for the year he did, but he signed his forward, he spent a lot of money and I went to background or third. At the beginning of the season I could smell it, although I believed that if he saw me on the train he could turn things around, but it was not and in January I had to find something for myself. It was very difficult to spend another six months like this.
Wolfsburg, Levante, Rome and Getafe. four tasks. How did you manage it?
It was not easy in Wolfsburg, it was the first time I left my family and left my surroundings. But you learn a lot of things, you grow up, you mature in different aspects outside of football as well. Then I was lucky that Zidane wanted me to be in Madrid’s first team and I learned from the best with the luck of winning the Champions League, which is something that will always be remembered. I had more responsibility at Levante, I played many games, scored goals, matured and went to Roma. I think it was a big leap and I reacted well, it was an experience of European football that helped me a lot to get rid of being a ‘kid’. This season I didn’t have the opportunities and so I came to Getafe to spend six months, watch myself and enjoy football.
Does it weigh in mentally to develop into Valdebebas, reach the first team and then go out on loan so many times?
I take it well. Everyone has their own vision. My take is that being in the academy doesn’t guarantee you make it to the first team, some have done that and it’s understandable, because only the best make it to the Madrid first team. It’s hard to reach the first team after Castilla because you’re not 100% ready, so they take that loan, to gain experience, ‘military’ outside, train and see if you’re ready for Madrid Or not. And if you’re not, go to another club, there are many.
Zidane is the coach who bet on you the most?
I remember the academy coaches who bet on me, but Zidane is the one who marked me the most. When I was in Castilla, he gave me the opportunity to play several games as a beginner and then he was the one who wanted me to be. But hey, you learn from every coach. I have a lot of good ones.
He has scored four goals in ten matches he has played with Getafe. What do Quick Sanchez Floors give you that you’ve missed in recent months?
Close, talking about football, about my minutes. That although he is not a starter, he can come off the bench, he will be more dynamic… it helps you a lot mentally.
Have you enjoyed again?
Now they reach Barnabu and have the opportunity to be the hero in the title fight. How do you feel about this situation being on loan from Madrid?
It’s a little difficult… (laughs). The other day, while talking with friends, I told them that imagine what I scored, we won and I will have to go back with them in the pre-season. That’s what I won’t be back (laughs). You don’t know what can happen, I enjoy playing, watching old teammates, friends, club people and everything that happens in the game.
In July he will have to preside at Valdebebas. What would you tell Ancelotti?
No… I don’t need to say anything, I have to speak on the pitch, which is the best way and which I have followed my whole career.
Do you ask anything for the future?
This is my first sixth season in 25 years. It’s true that after so much debt, I want to settle down in a club, but you never know.
Parla is part of that Madrid working-class belt. In what environment was he raised?
My father has always been a butcher and my mother is a housewife. She was the one who took me, the owner Valdebebas, and my brother, who was at Atlético, to Mazadahonda. It was weird… but we got along. A humble, simple family from the Fuentabela neighborhood, where I started playing futsal. My father still works and doesn’t want to retire. I’m on it, but he doesn’t want to. It says a lot about him. He tells me: I have my work and you have yours. It is very difficult for him to change his mind.

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