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Boris Becker sentenced to two and a half years for hiding assets

Boris Becker sentenced to two and a half years for hiding assets

British prosecutors accused him of “hiding behind his advisers” to live life in style.

Boris Baker and Lillian de Carvalho in London this Friday.EFE

boris baker He lost his individual game to British courts in the final set, although the defeat was less convincing than expected. The German, the former world number one and three-time Wimbledon champion, facing the prospect of seven years in prison, was eventually sentenced to two and a half years for violating bankruptcy laws and avoiding paying his debts. It was meant to hide assets worth millions of euros. , according to Judge Deborah Taylor of the London Court of the Crown of Southwark.

After declaring bankruptcy in 2017 after training for three years Novak Djokovik, Baker began to lead his life full of money and sexual scandals. He was prosecuted in Germany for currency theft, and his many romantic relationships ended in court several times. from his first marriage Barbara Embryo with the paternity of a daughter Angela Ermakova,

with his second wife, Lily Kersenbergalso maintains a conflicting position, particularly as a result of her recent romance with Explosive lillian de carvalho, Baker, 54, is the father of four children and has allowed him to be photographed with his new girlfriend on several yachts in Ibiza in recent months.

The origin of his bankruptcy was precisely the non-payment of a loan of 3.6 million euros for a property in Mallorca. Despite his financial difficulties, the former winner of six Grand Slams continued his life at full speed, with the establishment of his headquarters in London, a stone’s throw from his beloved Wimbledon, where his 1985 achievement is still remembered. , when he had become At 17, the youngest champion in All England tennis.

“Expense Your Lifestyle”

It is estimated that Baker – a fan of poker and a five-year member of the PokerStars platform – earned over €45 million during his 15 seasons on the circuit (1984–1999). However, much of his fortune evaporated amid his first divorce, the support of his children and “the cost of his lifestyle”, as could be heard before the court which declared him “guilty” on 8 April in Southwark.

“When I was 22, I managed to win everything on a track (Wimbledon, Olympic medals, Davis Cup) and it was clear that my goals would have to be set further”, he said at the time of admitting. came that he had paid such a high price of fame that he had to put his trophies up for auction.

sales of a mercedes dealer

However, British prosecutors accused him of “hiding behind his advisers” and living life in style. This weekend he again ran into the luxury department store Harrods, where he is a regular visitor.

Baker is accused of concealing €1.5 million from the sale of a Mercedes car dealership in Germany, as well as “theft” of property worth €420,000 from nine recipients, including his ex-wives Barbara and Baker. Lily Baker. The British court also convicted him of trying to conceal ownership of a $2.3 million mansion in his native Lehman, as well as 75,000 shares of Data Corp.

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