Home Sport Bordles Valencia starts with victory against Villarreal

Bordles Valencia starts with victory against Villarreal

Bordles Valencia starts with victory against Villarreal

Emery’s friendship against the team only ended with the debut of the signing Paraguayan Aldérette, two goals from Vallejo and the use of Younes in midfielder.

Younis Musa chases down Manu Trigueros in a moment of the friendly match.M. BrookEFE

It is felt that the new Valencia by joso Bordles It will have identification signs that the technician has marked. one win against him was enough Villarreal To see it in the first friendly of the season. This is the great hope in which Valencianism takes refuge, hoping not for a magic wand on the bench but a way to wake up a sluggish team. Faith is centered in Alicante, who will have the challenge of giving them the tools that strengthen them in the field and develop this team with very few twists and turns and becomes uncomfortable.

He managed to turn the scoreboard around 0-2. Alberto Moreno scored at the edge of half-time and Cuenca scored with a beautiful ball at the start of the second half, with Valencia beating the goalkeeper on three occasions.

Valencia showed intensity under pressure from the start and power in the attack when he stole the ball, a team could have two weeks to return to work.

Alicante’s work has focused, as identified by Gabriel Paulista, in charging the players’ batteries to “fly” during the season, not forgetting to emphasize the tactical and strategy concepts that this Valencia needs to refresh. Needed so that it does not make the mistakes of last season.

Alderete. strength of

Gay fills the hole reserved for him with the first eleven domestic players, taking a rest from their international commitments, without Soler, Vaas or Maxi Gamez. encouragement was the beginning alderte, the only signature so far. The Paraguayan centre-back showed his strength by teaming up with Paulista. Strange that both are not fixed on Eleven. With Correia and Jess Vázquez on the wings, Hugo Guillemán had to move to go with Resic, with home players Prez and Diego Lepez on the sidelines and Sobrino as a reference in the attack.

came with the force of experiment Yunus Musahi In the midfielder, a substitute that showed it could be interesting to explore. Her strength is a weapon that Valencia has not yet learned to exploit.

the goal of Alberto Moreno A duel began to occur which was evenly matched. one of valley, after a carousel of changes, which also entered Parejo or Alcar, it seemed that victory was drawing to a close. grogueta. But to surprise, with Valencia vallejo, Jason or Cheryshev, with a push from Yunus, rose to return. Mark Cádiz as an immediate reaction to Castellón’s second target and demonstrated once again that with very little he is capable of creating a threat. Already at the final stage of the duel, he returned to replace the penalty with the hands and with the time running out, Cheryshev He caught a tense center off Jason to close out the first win of the Bordles era. Even if it’s in friendship.