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Blockade of the first professional women’s league: no calendar, no quota for non-community women and no television due to another ‘war’ with the Federation

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The competition begins on 10–11 September and the CSD must rule on important issues in light of the conflicts that have arisen between the new Professional Women’s Soccer League (LPFF) and the RFEF. player, “fed” by tension

Real Madrid players Sophie Sva (at left) and Alexia Putelas from Barcelona, ​​in a match from last season. Alejandro Garca / EFEalejandro garcaEFE

women’s soccer league It will premiere as a professional competition over the weekend of 10 and 11 September and, 30 days later, on 20 and 21 May, it will conclude a season, which is blocked just a month after its start. dispute between Women’s Professional Football League (LPFF) and RFEF It maintains the competition without a pair calendar, without rules regarding the registration of non-EU players, without television or without knowing what the cost of arbitration would be. Without communication between the parties to spark a coordination agreement between the new employers and the federal unit, the ball continually ends up on the roof of the stadium. higher sports council (CSD).

There have been stumbling blocks ever since the body decided to promote the commercialization of women’s football in the summer of 2020. Women’s football lost amateur status and, therefore, its first category did not remain under the organizational umbrella of the federation. Yes, after signing a coordination agreement Supervision is carried out by the CSD in which the powers of each party are clear.

With a delay of one year due to discrepancies between clubs due to statutes, the LPFF was born as the organizing employer of the competition, which it had presided over since May. Beatrice Alvarez, former player and coach who was also the general director of Deportes de Asturias. His election was not without controversy as it was the only candidate who garnered the necessary support from the 16 clubs that were part of the competition. This employers’ union is the successor to the Federation of Women’s Soccer Clubs, which has always maintained good relations with the LaLiga de. Xavier Thebes and their interests continually conflict with the interests of the RFEF louis rubiales,

two stalled draws

The final clash has been a draw for the pairs. The LFPP, once terms were agreed with all the clubs, fixed 26 July as a date to celebrate it at the CSD headquarters, as a symbolic gesture of their support for professionalism, and invited the federation. According to league sources, they have the power as the organizers of the competition, as they have cba Shake asobal league Handball, despite the fact that it is not considered professional. However, the RFEF defends that the competition is its own and does not delegate it. That is why Luis Rubiales sent a letter to Beatriz lvarez asking her for discretion and to abstain from making an outright illegal draw and called her to Las Rojas on 27 July, which led to CSD, given the apparent conflict. , paralyzed both.

The decision of when and in whose hands the draw will be held is now in the hands of the CSD. The charges expired yesterday and, according to sources consulted by EL Mundo, it will not take long to issue a resolution once they are studied. Haste is what all parties want, including players.

For women’s leagues, this is a delay that hurts competition and which, for example, prevents them from starting in the market. television rights, For RFEF it’s a conflict they haven’t generated. We defend compliance with the law. It is clear that, in the calendar draw, this is a very clear federal competition, organization sources assure.

non-community license

But not only calendar. There is no compromise on the cost of to mediate – which the federation sets at 21,000 euros per game and considers excessive compared to the 2,000 the LFPP has paid so far – and, above all, non-community rules. The Federation selects a maximum of two defenses per team to defend the academy, and remembers that the Under-19 team is declared the champion of Europe. The league, on the other hand, asked for 12 licenses due to the clubs’ existing contracts, as there was no limit as to the amateur category. There are teams that have nine non-community women in their squad and they defend this quota in order to maintain the level of competition and keep the number of women’s licenses increasing.

An example of the importance of setting this quota is that FC Barcelona Like the British have signed two top level players Lucy Bronze and brazilian geese ferreira The top scorer in the previous Iberdrola league is already in the squad with the Nigerian Oshoala And without knowing what limits he would have to adhere to.

Union on this occasion soccer, in its aspect of the professional association, defends three non-community numbers as the norm after consulting players, with a transition period to honor existing contracts. Its president Amanda Gutierrez puts it this way, who does not hesitate to describe the condition of football players in the face of this blockade of anger, restlessness and anxiety.

We are in the middle of a war in which they are unable to negotiate. Men’s soccer brawls are coming here and they can’t even agree to a draw. We are the rope that everyone wants to stretch so that it doesn’t feel like they are missing something, says the president of FutPro. The creation of the LPFF is a step forward, but the negotiation must take place so as not to always end up in the CSD, because then it would be a disaster.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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