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Between “ruin” and waste: the contradictions of a crazy market


Regardless of transferring much less cash than different years, the greats have spent tons of of thousands and thousands,

Lukaku, with Chelsea, within the recreation towards Liverpool.REUTERS
  • Market Madrid remaining dash by Mbappé
  • Debut Messi debuts period with PSG after a life in Barcelona

Consultants say that after we fully overcome the pandemic, the brand new 20s will come. A time of consumerism, events and intercourse after the trauma suffered by the coronavirus. And soccer, the principle actor in a society that desires to look ahead, was not going to be much less. We’re all broke. Soccer is in free fall, “he warned Florentino Pérez in April, in full controversy over the creation of the Super League. Months later, with the happiness of summer and the joy of seeing the fans back in the stadiums, that speech seems almost forgotten with the world of the ball experiencing its first post-pandemic debauchery.

Despite the millionaire losses of the last 17 months and the apocalyptic words of the great leaders of continental football, the transfer market this summer has been the most moved in memory. And it is precisely some of the clubs that had participated in the creation of the Super League that are unexpectedly breaking the bank. The three most important transfers of the summer have ended in teams from England: Manchester City bought Jack grealish, from Aston Villa, for 117.5 million; Chelsea paid Inter Milan 115 for Romelu lukaku, and Jadon sancho he left Borussia Dortmund and signed for Manchester United for 85. Only these three movements already add up to more than all that the Spanish competition has spent, nostalgic for bygone times and envious of the jerseys of Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo at PSG and Manchester United. The two great banners of the League for the last 15 years now live outside of Spain.

Messi, in his debut with PSG.AP

Our football, yes, can hit the table with the signing of Kylian Mbappé for Real Madrid. A historic hit of 200 million euros that is also contradictory due to that speech by Florentino, but logical if the sales of the white team are analyzed during the last two seasons. It would be the only light at the end of the tunnel of the crisis of Spanish football, with a championship that has been plunging into a constant loss of talent. In the offices of the directors of the League, the economic power of the Premier League has been observed with anger and impotence. “We will not do something about them proper now,” admits a representative of a league club to this newspaper. A summary of the current situation.

Goodbye to Ramos and Varane

In addition to Cristiano and Messi, they have left the Spanish tournament Sergio Ramos, which has changed the Bernabéu for the Parc des Princes, and Raphael varane, his partner for more than five years, who has gone to Old Trafford. A Ferris wheel with many names in which if we broaden our gaze we see that many of the millions of other years are missing. Ruin exists, but on different levels.

If we analyze the amounts spent by the teams of the five major European leagues (Spain, England, Germany, Italy and France) during the last seasons, we find that these months of July and August have been the poorest on the football scene since 2014. -2015. This summer 2,500 million euros have been disbursed, for the more than 3,000 of last season. And far, far away, are the more than 6,000 million that the clubs left in the 2019-2020 campaign, before the day-to-day of football and society exploded into a thousand pieces. In summary, when we stretch the deck and go to the total data, it does confirm that “damage” that Florentino pointed out and that other presidents such as Laporta, partner and friend on the Super League ship, also detailed: “Our monetary scenario is dramatic.”

La Liga, which has lost importance in the continental football ladder, has signed David Alaba (from Bayern to Madrid), Memphis Depay (from Lyon to Barça) and Rodrigo de Paul (from Udinese to Atlético), the latter being the most expensive signing in the national championship: 35 million. Our tournament has been the one that has moved the least money of the five major leagues, even less than the German and French, historically always below. The 20 teams have been left at an uninteresting 248 million, down from 418 from the previous summer and more than 1 billion from the pre-pandemic season.