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Betis does not loosen or sew a dead Valencia. LaLiga Santander 2021

Betis does not loosen or sew a dead Valencia.  LaLiga Santander 2021

VerdiBlancos left Mestalla with a convincing win in the final few minutes to keep the pressure on Atletico for fourth place. Valencia blows its stadium whistle

  • Straight it was valencia-betissa

If the league is to come to an end, there is no reason to wait any longer. Mestalla can’t stand it. Valencia He wanders around in competition since leaving the illusion in La Cartuja. It was held to a sterile draw, but betis Unsealed it with little effort to keep his pressure on for fourth place Champions, The three blows, which are not particularly reflected in the classification, leave a deep wound in the image, which is attributed to Jose Bordles And they paint the future of a club that isn’t good enough to fight back to victory against the fifth-placed player, who plays flawlessly in a deep blue, almost black.

The match started at half gas. Neither Valencia nor Betis knew how to speed it up, either because one was resting on their laurels or because the other had a bad season too soon. When almost nothing is at stake, the football turns gray. The Verdiblancos, with the weight of a demanding season on their feet and a guaranteed European spot, had a hard time in a cold match.

mestala He responds, reminding Valencia of who he is, but it costs more each day to lead to the finale that Cartuja casts in that final. Betis stole a part of her future, not just the Cup and European competition. Valencians recognize their team’s weaknesses, with the certainty that it will be almost a miracle to shore up and fear of who will take over if relations between the club and Bordels continue to deteriorate a little more every day.

Valencia was arrested Brian Gilo and race Thierry You Jess Vazquez, the shameless replacement of the sanctioned Gay who spells out what the future would be like without the captain. Without Guedes, little else is surprising. Sharing the ball was something that was difficult breedas well as retrieve it, and usually do You moriba found no way to find them Hugo Hard To celebrate his signing. The team is going off course with the same problem it started with: not having style or planning.

It cost the rival to demand it. a faithless shot of willian jose And too many balls without clarity to create opportunities that, if they appear, are timid and end up in the hands of mamardashvili, As if he didn’t believe the game would mature, without letting go and asking on a bench with Borja Iglesias, Juanmi and Joacun. They weren’t wrong.

betis reaction

It was useless for Bordal to lay his hands on a young man, Jess Santiago, to close the game because Canales found Willian Jose first in that area, leaving him alone to cut Alderette and score the first goal. There was no time to make more saves, nor to take refuge in a system with five defenders, to react to a streak that prompted him to add only 11 points from the last 30 in the game. Valencia from March 19 . haven’t won elche and from day 5 in Mestalla. till grenade,

maxi gomez You gedes They take to the field to awaken a sleeping team that has gone berserk by sterile attacks, poor choices, and an overwhelming sense of inadequacy. One could only hope that the team did not collapse, but it happened. first with left foot Channel For a dead ball in front in 87. later with lace borja iglesias Miranda in the center before Mestalla’s unanimous whistle.

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