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Benzema’s welcome to Vinicius in 2018 and the milestone that only two Madridista couples have achieved in history

Benzema's welcome to Vinicius in 2018 and the milestone that only two Madridista couples have achieved in history

French and Brazilian reach the Super Cup as the top scorers in the League. Their relationship, from less to more: “Karim is an idol for Vini, he hallucinates with him”, they explain in the environment of the Brazilian

Benzema and Vinicius celebrate one of the goals against Valencia.Bernat armangueAP

Leo Messi and Luis Surez on the 2016-2017, Hugo Sanchez Y Jorge Valdano on the 85-86, Di Stefano and Puskas on the 60-61 and the 58-59, ‘Bata’ and Guillermo Gorostiza on the 30-31Karim Benzema and Vinicius Jnior on the 21-22. French and Brazilian are the current top scorers First Division. Both madridistas. Both on a roll. Both the biggest stars of the championship so far. On the horizon, the title of League with the Real Madrid and a milestone only within the reach of the chosen ones: to be gold and silver in the ‘Pichichi’ of the competition, something that only the four aforementioned couples have achieved.

After the two goals that each one scored against Valencia, Benzema has 17 goals and Vinicius 12, surpassing Juanmi (11), to Iago Aspas already Joselu (10). The projection is scary. If he continues with this scoring regularity, the Frenchman will finish the course with 31 and the former Flamengo with 22, a statistical outrage considering the seven goals that the Brazilian had accumulated in the league before last August. Numbers that would make them the top two scorers of the tournament, something that has only happened on five other occasions in the history of the League and that with the Madrid shirt they have only achieved Hugo Snchez and Valdano, in the eighties, and Di Stefano and Puskas, 60 years ago, another time, another football.

‘Solitary’ pichichis

The scoring dictatorship of Messi and Cristiano During the last decade he has hardly left room for such conquests, but the Argentine and Surez they did it in 16-17. It is hard to see a 1 and 2 from the same team in the top scorer, even a silver and a bronze. Higuan and Cristiano They were second and third in 09-10, but the ‘pichichis’, from Madrid, Bara or anyone else, have almost never shared the podium. In Chamartn, Cristiano achieved three top scorer trophies with Benzema 9 (14-15 and 10-11) and 5 (13-14), Van Nistelrooy led the table on 06-07 with Kings scoring 6 goals, 34 of the championship, Ronaldo I won it on 03-04 with Ral on the 16th, Ral took it on 98-99 and 00-01 with Morientes 4 and Guti 10 in each year, Zamorano had to Amavisca in 20th place in his ‘Pichichi’ of 94-95 … And in the Quinta del Vulture, with the four trophies of Hugo Sanchez and that of ButragueoOnly Valdano, in 1986, slipped in second place.

If we broaden the look at the statistics of the European leagues, this course only Lewandowski and Gnabry, with 20 and 9 goals, they equal the numbers of Benzema and Vinicius. Not even Salah and Jota, Liverpool’s top gunners with 16 and 10, can with them.

Big brother, little brother

After Vinicius’s training stage, with all that this has implied in his relationship with Benzema, The young promise and the great star of the Bernabu have met, on and off the grass. The Brazilian’s environment tells that Karim was the first to welcome Vinicius when he landed in Valdebebas in 2018. Marcelo and CasemiroThe then-adolescent’s ‘older brothers’ were on vacation, so it was the turn of the other captain of the squad to give the first sermon. It would not be the last. The Vinicius’ logical mistakes During their first three years, they found the authoritarian gaze but at the same time an accomplice of Benzema.

Has a lot of potential“, the one from Lyon always repeats. He has been a teacher for him, he has scolded him when he saw it necessary and encouraged him when he could. The result is Vinicius’ approach to the world football elite, something that the Brazilian does not forget. “Karim is an idol for him, hallucinates with his technique “, they explain in the surroundings of Sao Gonalo. And it is that Benzema, in that mix of center forward and playmaker jugn, is also helping to exploit the scoring facet of Vinicius. Something similar, saving all the distances that exist, with what happened when the Gaul met Cristiano Ronaldo in the lead of Madrid. Karim comes down to help Modric and Kroos in creation and that space is left free for the electrical diagonals of Vinicius.

This week in the Spanish Super Cup that is celebrated in Arabia They have the opportunity to win their first title as a couple, as great stars, both of them, of a team that arrives as a favorite to the tournament after their great league start. Goals from Benzema and Vinicius are to blame.

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