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Benzema’s crooked lines make a great Athletic capitulate | LaLiga Santander 2021

 Benzema's crooked lines make a great Athletic capitulate |  LaLiga Santander 2021

Athletic 1 – Real Madrid 2

The French striker signs a double at the dawn of a vibrant duel in San Mamés. The white team extends its leadership

Benzema celebrates his first goal against Athletic.VINCENT WESTREUTERS
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Crooked lines are the best in soccer, even if God doesn’t write them. They surprise, mock and win. Few trace them as Benzema, which is not a god, because this pagan religion does not have them, almost a syncretism, but it is one of its cult prophets. The hit with which he opened the scoreboard was one of his statements. Or prophecies. Little more needs to be said. Luckily, his followers are growing. Do not forget Oihan sancet. I am 21 years old.

Both left the rubrics in the minutes of a great match, in keeping with an atmosphere that never disappoints. San Mamés puts those who appreciate this, from home or abroad, friends or enemies. Benzema, applauded on his way out, already knows. He was caught by Madrid, more effective and precise, but both deserved it, an Athletic rebuilt of Benzema’s first two goals, in seven minutes, until he found his best profile, in which Marcelino’s work fits well. It’s intense and pressing, as always, but it’s also rich in combination. He showed it with his growth at the Bernabéu and did it again in his stadium, in this early match between two teams that will play the Super Cup in January, in Arabia.

In the first of the actions, Benzema hit without stopping the ball, which is the best possible effect. The Frenchman did it upon receiving from Kroos a tense pass, so he multiplied the force without losing the parable. Julen Agirrezabala, substitute for Unai Simon, could do nothing. Neither would the owner. Under the shock of that much, which is when a team is most vulnerable, Madrid hit again, taking advantage of a loss and organizing the counter. He finished the French again, this time with the ease with which a Postman stamps envelopes.

Camavinga is not Casemiro

Watching Madrid with that margin ahead is like looking down from a tenth floor. It’s scary. Athletic was fortunate to quickly find the antidote and did so in the same way that Madrid had advanced. Sancet is 12 years younger than Benzema, but the foot of the footballer from Pamplona points to the ways of the greats. The lash reversed Benzema’s parable, equally impossible for the goalkeeper, even if it is called Courtois. Foot for foot, goal for goal and eye for an eye. The difference is that Madrid had added one more, but emotionally the game returned to the beginning.

Athletic once again believed in what it does and pushed a Madrid with pieces of circumstances in the center of the field and defense, due to the long part of casualties. In the first, Camavinga Y Valverde. They both like the driving, the tour, they are not Casemiro clones. It was the Frenchman’s turn to interpret it. In defence, Lucas Vazquez Y Nacho have more mili, although an error of the first gave Athletic the clearest chance, missed by Iñaki Williams after Sancet was too generous. You have to believe it more. Also his coach, who replaced him at the time when he was the best of his team. Marcelino was looking for more aggressiveness with Raul garcia.

The Agirrezabala stops

The sanction to Casemiro and the Covid plague had left Madrid very fair. A circumstance that has given Hazard an opportunity that, possibly, Ancelotti did not think of. From less to more against Cádiz, the Belgian improved a lot in San Mamés, despite not playing in his band and looking for the interior. It ended with an occasion taken by Agirrezabala, who put two hands up, the second against Kroos. Hazard, progressing well, gave way to a long-awaited debut: Peter. The game did not end either Vinicius, in version Light.

Madrid did not go into space in the same way in the second half, more conservative, with the pretense of having more possession to protect their advantage and increase their leadership, while Marcelino used all the resources that could electrify the clash, such as the departure of Nico Williams, in addition to squeezing Muniain until he couldn’t take it anymore. He left the field with honor, like Karim, recognized by those who know about this.

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