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Benzema crowned: “No one can be in doubt about winning the Ballon d’Or”

The Frenchman, a brand new captain, scores his 324th goal with Real Madrid and defeats Ral. “If we’ve played this Super Cup it’s thanks”, Ancelotti admitted

Karim Benzema celebrates a goal scored against Eintracht in the Super Cup.J. sorianoAFP
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  • Straight This was Real Madrid 2 Eintracht 0

cause real madrid Creates a fear that disables rivals, even champions, you have to see it in a name: Karim Benzema, In Helsinki he confirmed that theory with a goal that won the European Super Cup, the first title of the season, which prompted him to write another line in Real Madrid history. It was 324, the goal that puts him behind in the scorers table. resin gonzalez white (323) and begin to position themselves as a myth. This 451. is far from Cristiano RonaldoBut don’t stop chasing them in recent seasons with an average of over 30.

When the ball is just starting to roll, Benzema’s legs still don’t weigh him down in his thirties. There is no age. The body is there and we work hard on it, he warned in the middle of the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki, a few hours before the match. Karim has learned to cleanse his body and mind, control weight, help his muscles and maintain the faith to find his moment in each sport. That maturity has also given him the armor of a captain.

super cup And the goal is one more step in the climb towards it Ballon d’Or, His 2022, along with the league, the Champions League—which voted him the best player ever—and now the Super Cup, leaves no room for doubt: more than any player to the greatest personal recognition in the world of football. The crucial qualification has not been achieved. , Carlo Ancelotti He has no doubt: he is a very important player, a leader for the team. If we are here, it is largely thanks to them, to their strengths. I finished the season scoring and now it has started. He’s going to the Ballon d’Or and I have no doubt he’ll get it. No one can be near them, sentenced the coach.

florentino parezzo they do not have. “He already deserved it last year and now it is undeniable,” the president said.

earn that award and Qatar World Cup His next two challenges are with France, once the title he lifted for the first time as captain is in his pocket.

There is no doubt about his essential quality at Real Madrid, so much so that the club has made no effort to find anyone to challenge him for the position. vinicius You Rodrigo They are the only ones who can share an attack and both generate more tolerable pressure than they represent. mbpp either Haland, for which the whites did not even bid. Neither the market has offered anything else, nor does Benzema seem to waver in the slightest.

Casemiro, Player of the match

Helsinki’s cold night lifted the striker, but it also served to hear another giant’s warning for Ancelotti’s bench, casemiro, When the Whites were finding it difficult to find the crevices of Entreche, he emerged to clarify that he was still needed because of his physique and tactical intelligence.

He appeared to save a ball eliminated by Benzema that was lost from the bottom line and assisted Alaba with a header to tip off a game that was too sleepy for the white side. And in the second half he hit the crossbar with a powerful shot that looked like a goal. Two plays that seemed to speak of their direct competition.

Real Madrid are determined to find the right replacement for the Brazilian now that he has passed the 30-year barrier and within the framework of the renewal of the three he makes. cross You modrik, But the chosen ones will have to carve a wall.

In the previous season, the club hired Eduardo for Ancelottic. camavinga 40 million, but the French could not remove the owners of the title. Neither Kroos nor Modric, Casemiro, ended up playing 32 league games and 11 Champions League games after he missed one due to suspension. He was an option in the first leg against City itself.

This season, Mbapp’s disappointing arrival has once again led the club to look for another mainstay in midfield, this time at a cost of around £100 million. chauameni He will have the job to show that his lungs are capable of overtaking the Brazilian, who was voted the player of the match last night. Those who have come are very encouraging and those of us who are here want to teach, because Real Madrid win on victory and we have to give everything in every game. Casemiro’s words.

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